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Errands Made Easy with SmartShopper

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The SmartShopper SS-301 Voice-Recognition Grocery-List Organizer makes it easy to build an organized grocery list ready for taking to the store. You say the items on your list, SmartShopper sorts them into categories, and you take a printed list to the store with all your shopping needs laid out in a manner that makes sense. Based on audio tests, the gadget seems to recognize voice fairly well, although presumably there’s also an app for that.

Keep the organizer on your refrigerator with the magnet built-in. This makes it pretty easy for you to touch a button, say out loud whatever you just noticed missing in the fridge and have it stored to your list. You don’t have to hunt down a pen and paper or pray you don’t forget the item when the time does come to make a list. Your lists will print with one click of a button and you can then slip it into your pocket or purse.

Even more, it can keep track of two separate lists, designate quantities and even flag items you may have coupons for. Using the category-management function, you can match your list to the store’s layout, make changes on the fly and even add categories of your own.

The SmartShopper comes with more than 2500 items stored inside its memory to make the voice-recognition function simple. However, you can also teach it new items. This way, you’ll never have to worry that something won’t make it onto your list.

I like to create lists, and this actually makes it easier. While I can certainly use the Notes feature on my iPhone 4 or an app, this seems to somehow be a little better. By printing a tiny list out, I don’t have to fumble with my phone each time I want to add something or see what I’m supposed to be doing.

It does use paper but not ink: the lists are printed using thermal technology – it will never run out of “ink” when you need it most. The device is lightweight and small, so you can take it along with you if you need to.

How do you keep track of your shopping needs? What methods or devices have you found work the best in your life?