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Skype is the Anti-Christ

Skype vs. Gizmo vs. Vonage

I think Skype is an amazing product. I’m recommending that all my friends and family members start using *pwing* kskll f kaslkk fllaklk. LFilial liflk kdlalk lal lfllfal alla lallkl lala aaa kdllak slkal alkalk a lka kal lakklkla lkalkll allall kkllal llalkkal alkala lla al alallakal akkalks alls alks alkk s skkslla ssslka lksa lk lksalklka slkaskkslak klsalklk klakslksa.

Hello? Did you see me okay? Can you read this? I’m trying to use Project Gizmo to *pwing* gwbw w gb wgbbwg wbg wbg bwgbb wbgbwbgw bw g bwgwbbgwbgw wg bwgbwg w b gw bgw bwgwgw bgw bgw bwg bwgbwgwgwb bgwgwwg bwg bgw bgw bgw bgw bwgwbgbwb gw bwg bwgwg bwg bwg bg bwg.

VoIP is revolutionary. It’s changed the way I communicate with everybody. Vonage is just *pwing* hufd uhdfhudfhudh uh uhdufhuh ufdhudhfuh uhfduhdfu h huhdfhuuh f dhufhudhf uduhdfu hudhf hudfhud hfduhu fhdhuhf uhfduhuhfu udhfuhdf huduhf.

Source: Skype.com
Domain: VoipTruths.com

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Skype Fun (Easter Eggs?)

I don’t run Skype all the time, but this conversation was begging to be published. How many Skype easter eggs are out there?

  • Chris Pirillo says: (flag:us)
  • Chris Pirillo says: (flag:gb)
  • Chris Pirillo says: (flag:ca)
  • Chris Pirillo says: (flag:freak)
  • Chris Pirillo says: Why can’t I fly my freak flag in Skype?!
  • Chris Pirillo says: Does Skype have something against freak flags?!
  • Chris Pirillo says: (finger)
  • Chris Pirillo says: You gotta respect any instant messaging client that lets users flip someone off.
  • Chris Pirillo says: (mooning)
  • Chris Pirillo says: This just keeps getting better and better.

I talk to myself too frequently.