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Skype 5 Forcing Updates

Word is trickling in that Skype has introduced a “feature” no one is going to like: forced updates. Many people have thus far opted out of upgrading to the newest version of the popular calling software, choosing to wait until the many bugs have been fixed. However, Skype doesn’t want to give you the choice of when to update your software. They are simply doing it for you, according to the community.

Even if you have told your current version not to automatically check for updates, it’s going to do it anyway. Users are reporting that while the software is updating itself, clicking the button to cancel it and exit out “does nothing to stop it.” Additionally, the option to disable auto updates or roll back is conveniently gone from this new version.

Thankfully, Jack Zhang has found a hack which will keep your Skype version where you want it. “Just set the file permissions for the “SYSTEM” and “Administrators” accounts in Windows on the Skype.exe file to deny writing. I have not gotten the forced update ever since.”

This stinks, fellow geeks. Since when should we EVER be forced to accept a software update if we don’t want it? Why has it suddenly become okay for Skype – or anyone – to make changes to my system without my authorization? If you have your program set to allow these updates, that’s all fine, well and good. However, when people have purposely turned that option OFF, there is no reason an update should be forced. Not allowing them to stop the update while it’s in progress or roll back to an older version is just bad juju.

Skype. Get with the program. Knock this crap off. Pronto!

What are your thoughts? Do you appreciate Skype so kindly updating your software for you?