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Pixie's Puppy Dog Eyes

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My friends, both Pixie and I appreciated all the well-wishes you passed along this week. She’s doing much better, as this video illustrates. I couldn’t just leave all you geeks hanging.

Last Sunday, I woke up to see that Pixie had discharge coming out of her eyes and they were swollen badly. I took her to the pet emergency room. She was initially diagnosed with Conjunctivits, which turned out to not be the case.

On the third trip to the ER with her in the middle of the night Tuesday night, we were referred to a specialist. She was taken to the Animal Eye Clinic in Seattle. I can’t thank them enough for helping my puppy. The care she received was fantastic.

Pixie was diagnosed and I was reassured that there’s no permanent damage. Pixie has an amazing disposition. Kat will tell you she’s a big cuddle bug.

There were times I felt it tough to remain composed. I felt so helpless. Wicket and Pixie are my family, and I love them as unconditionally as they love me.

Thanks much to my good friend Betsy Weber for sending baked noms to the pups. Thank you to ALL OF YOU for your support and well-wishes.

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