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Rock Band Reloaded for iPhone and iPad

You don’t have to own a gaming console in order to rock out. Thanks to EA Mobile, you can fire up the new Rock Band Reloaded for your iPhone or iPad. Get your groove on in style with the kick-ass graphics and features galore.
The game offers you an awesome setlist with more than thirty songs available at launch. You’ll find tracks from artists such as Nirvana, No Doubt, the Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails and more.

Go beyond guitar, bass, drums, and tap vocals. For the first time, you can even sing along by using the mic built-in to your device utilizing new vocal recognition features. Go wide in LANDSCAPE MODE… push it to the limit in the new expert mode… rock 6 cities and 36 events in the revamped World Tour mode… and earn up to 50 awards and achievements. Made to maximize the gorgeous retina display, the game creator didn’t overlook the eye candy, either!

Use your Facebook login to access News Center and check out the latest action. Find out when new songs launch. Follow your friends’ exploits and directly challenge their accomplishments – just touch and you go right to the same song, instrument, and difficulty level! Rock it, and then throw it back at them!

EA Mobile is also excited to announce a very cool sweepstakes. From December 7, 2010 until January 10, 2011, you can enter the Rock Band Sweeps. You’ll have a chance to win one of 92 prizes – including two grand prizes of one Mad Catz – Rock Band 3 Wireless Fender Mustang PRO-Guitar Controller for either the Xbox 360 videogame and entertainment system, PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system or the Wii.

Guitar Hero Tips

After watching me struggle through Guitar Hero for the first time, my digital friend (Kyle) passed along these Guitar Hero tips:

The jump from medium to hard is the biggest jump you will make in Guitar Hero. When you are making this jump I think that the first two sections are the hardest because you are getting used to the faster pace of the songs and using the orange button.

If you are losing your fingering during this time, try hard to pay attention to the groove on the yellow button because it can be a lifesaver! At first this is going to be really hard and you will probably just not pay attention to it, but after a while when you have gotten used to it a little more, you will find yourself using it.

Another important thing when you get towards the end of hard is your star power. This is a very important weapon and helps a ton! The best time to use it is when you find a spot that you just can’t get past. Usually this will be towards the end of the song, so you should have full star power by then. When you feel the time is right just pull up on that guitar and try your hardest to hit those notes! Most of the time this will get you through that part and you should be able to finish up the rest of the song.

There is no special exercise or some kind of way to get by a song. The only way is to practice! I know you probably practice and are about to throw your guitar against a wall and maybe yourself as well. Trust me, don’t do it! You just have to use practice or play the song a ton of times in a row. Just take it part by part on slow and keep repeating it until you get 65% accuracy. Then if you haven’t guessed already, just do the same on full speed. Once you’re done with that, move on to the next part and repeat the process.

You will know when you are ready to play the song for real because you can just feel that you can do it. I usually go through the tricky parts in groups after I have gone through the whole song in parts just for a little extra practice. Then I usually end up playing through the song in career mode a few times before I finally pass it, and that is a really good feeling!

I really hoped this inspired you to keep practicing until you don’t ever want to hear that song again!

And in case you were wondering what happened when I lost my Guitar Hero virginity:

Are You in a Rock Band – or are You a Guitar Hero?

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Geeks have been begging me to start playing either Rock Band or Guitar Hero. I thought that if I’m going to spend my time playing something like that, I want it to be a real musical instrument. I know that learning the hand-eye coordination is a huge plus though. You can develop your skills that way. But have you thought about using your keyboard? Why not check out JamLegend. Think of it as a sort of online Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

JamLegend enables features never before available in games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Enjoy a potentially unlimited song list through a new platform allowing artists to promote their music in an engaging way. JamLegend features massive online multiplayer for real-time showdowns between thousands of players, as well as turn based competition for dueling with a friend. Robust social features, leaderboards, real-time notifications, and social network integration round out the features list. Best of all, it’s free.

You can set up tournaments if you want. It shows who you’re playing with on the side. You can duel a friend and start a showdown. Stats are available for anyone on the site. So if you really think you’re the master, you might consider trying JamLegend.


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Who Needs Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

Cavinder is a long-time community member, and a self-professed “casual gamer”. If you love music, and enjoy gaming… this email goes out to you!

Hey Chris! I just wanted to see if you knew about this game called Audiosurf. I just found it not too long ago myself, and have been enjoying myself to pieces with it. In a nutshell, it’s a a musical game much like Guitar Hero and Rockband. But this one is different in that it’s a puzzle game on a track. Basically how it works is the game sets up random colored blocks down your track, and you have to collect them. To gain points, you have to collect at least 3 of the same color together. The more of the same color you collect, the higher the score.
There’s a couple more things that make the game interesting. You know how Guitar Hero and Rockband flow on a straight track? Not this game. This game has a twisting track to really mess with your game… and make it more fun. Also, if you notice it, the track jumps with the beat of the song. That is also really cool. During a slow part of the song, the track bends upwards. During a heavy, fast part, the track streaks down.
The absolute best part of this game is the music. You know how Guitar Hero and Rockband have a set list of songs you can choose from? This game will play any song thats on your pc. Thats right any song. You pick which song you want to play, it looks at it, determines the difficulty, the traffic(blocks) and how the track will look all within a matter of seconds. The people who made this game did an incredible thing with that right there, and in my opinion did it the right way. You’ll be pulling songs that you normally wouldn’t be listening to anymore to play them on this game.
I have three separate videos on YouTube, showing myself playing this game so you can get a feel for it. Check out Still Alive, Second Heartbeat, or Bark at the Moon to see how the game looks.

Audiosurf has a demo version that is absolutely free. You can play with five different songs: one is a tutorial of their choosing, and the other four you choose from your own library. The full game costs only $9.99!

This sounds like a lot of fun. The free version is definitely worth checking out. I have a feeling many of you will end up buying the whole thing.

Top Five Reasons you Should Play a Real Guitar Instead of Guitar Hero

Nik recently wrote in to remind us that while playing Guitar Hero is fun, it still is just a game. Here are his reasons for why you should learn to play a real guitar… instead of pretending to on a game.

  • First and foremost, playing a real instrument is much “cooler” than playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Which one is better to impress people with… being able to play the drum part to Tom Sawyer on Expert level in Rock Band, or being able to do it in real life? You’re not going to be impressing anyone with your digital-rubber- pad-hitting skills. While Rock Band can somewhat teach you how to develop rhythm and coordination, it can’t do much beyond that.
  • Does being able to beat a really hard song on Expert level accomplish anything other than giving you bragging rights? No, it doesn’t. While playing a real guitar seems to accomplish about the same, you have to look a bit deeper. Playing Guitar Hero involves you pressing buttons whenever a colored square comes up on your TV screen. Playing real guitar requires much more concentration and skill. Besides that, it is also very intellectual in the sense that it has you thinking a lot more. Guitar Hero is based on reaction time. Real guitar is about actually learning a song instead of relying on colored squares.
  • It’s not like playing a real instrument is all that hard. If people would put the same amount of time and effort into learning a real instrument as they did practicing Guitar Hero, they would become good and have fun in no time. Sure it seems harder, but all you have to do is put your mind to it.
  • You could actually buy a guitar package complete with books to teach yourself how to play guitar for around the same price as the Guitar Hero package. So why not pick up a real guitar and learn something useful? In the process, you’ll be able to learn a new language… the language of music! Once you can read music, you’ll be able to learn to play any other instrument that exists.
  • For my final point, I’d just like to say this: why pretend to do something when you could do the real thing? Go and buy a guitar or a drum set, practice really hard, try and meet some other people who play instruments, and form a real band! Then, instead of sitting in your basement tapping some plastic buttons, you can take the stage and play REAL music for a REAL audience! You never know how far you can go if you put your mind to it!

Check out these great deals on guitars and Guitar Hero:


Rock Band Tips (Guitar Hero, too!)

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Long-time community member TuxedoJericho sent in an excellent top five list. They are tips to playing Rock Band… and will work for Guitar Hero, as well! Both of these games are a lot of fun, with varying skill levels. The DVD graphics for this game are simply amazing, as well as the clarity.

  • If you have any type of pitch control and know how to control the pitch of your voice, then the singing is just for you. You do not need to say the words, or even in the tempo of the song. Just hit the correct pictch and you are golden.
  • Drums are hard for anyone that is not used to drumming on a set. You have to get the timing with both arms and the feet down. You can not turn off the kick pedal like the demo systems in stores. If you need to, use the guitar or mic to unlock all the songs and then practice the drumming on the difficulties to learn the rhythm for the songs, and then progress to learning what each limb is supposed to do. Also, during some songs, most noticeable in the guitar solos, the singer can whack the mic to represents hit on a tamborine or a cowbell. Even if you are off tempo, or just ignore them all together these do not count against you. Nor does it count against you if you do, or say anything when it’s quet vocal times.
  • Guitars are very similar to the Guitar Hero games. The only differences in the guitars in this game from the previous games are they have a “pitch/tone selector” button like most guitars. When you go into “overdrive” (which was the old STAR POWER system in the older games), you can select a different pitch/tone by moving the selector. you can different sounds with FLANGER, ECHO, Wah-WAH, and CHORUS. Also, they have added smaller frets farther down the neck. This is great for kids, or people with smaller hands. It also represents the fast picking of some guitarist when they do a solo.
  • Multiplayer is fun. I have done this on the demo system at a local Best Buy. One person can control the guitar, drums, and voice out of the special edition box. If you have Guitar Hero II or III for the 360, or Guitar Hero III for the ps3 and get the special edition box, you can even add a fourth person as a bassist.
  • Practice. You must practice Christopher-San. Sorry, had a Mr. Miagi moment there.. But practicing the songs help. you can attempt the songs on higher settings just to see what you could do… without the crushing defeat if you fail out of a song.


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