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Rock Your iPhone Ringtone with GeoRing

Creating ringtones for your iPhone is usually not easy to do. The apps I’ve tried never seem to work properly. I either give up completely or end up with some half-baked tone that I delete moments later. I was more than intrigued when the makers of GeoRing reached out recently to show off their stuff. After using the app on my own phone, I was completely blown away. It WORKS – and is so simple that even Wicket could manage to work it. Not only can you quickly create a new ringtone for your iPhone, you can also make an entire ringtone playlist!

Change your current ringtone to any song in your iTunes library with a few taps on your phone screen. Unlike other ringtone apps, GeoRing doesn’t require any iTunes syncing. This means your phone can ring with any song instantly.

Even better, you can turn your entire playlist into a ringtone. Once you have done so, allow the app to choose which song plays each time the phone rings. You’ll be surprised with every call and not get tired of hearing the same tone or song a hundred times per day.

One other very cool feature that the app has built-in is the call mapping function. You can SEE your recent answered calls. GeoRing not only logs the duration of each call down to the exact second, they will also use geotags to place on a map where that call came from.

Now that you’re convinced of this app’s complete awesomeness and want it for yourself, how would you like to win it for yourself? I thought so! We’re giving away FIVE codes on Thursday afternoon. You can enter the contest via Twitter between now and noon PST on Thursday, February 17th, 2011. FIVE winners will be selected randomly later that afternoon.

In order to enter, make sure you are following @chrispirillo and @GeoRingApp. Send out a Tweet that includes both @chrispirillo and the hashtag #GeoRing and you’re in the running.

How to Use iTunes to Create a Ringtone for Your iPhone

We’ve done several ringtone-type videos recently. It seems that people everywhere are demanding easy and free ways to get ringtones on their phones. Domenic has discovered a simple way to create iPhone ringtones from your own music library by using iTunes.

Go into your iTunes preferences, and make sure you are using the AAC encoder. You can double-check this by going to Advanced, then Importing. Now, browse to the song you want to use to create your ringtone. Right click on the file, and choose Get Info, then Options. Under the Options tab, select the start time and stop time to create a 30-second clip. Once your 30-second clip is selected, right-click the song and choose Convert Selection to AAC.

Once the conversion is completed, you will get a 30-second song of the same name. At this point, you can edit the original file back to its normal length. Now, browse to your iTunes music folder. You should find the new clip in the same folder where the full-length song is. Notice that the clip has an extension of .m4a. Simply rename the extension to .m4r, then select it. It will automatically be added as a ringtone in your iTunes library.

Create Ringtones for your iPhone using Garage Band

Adam sent an email to me after watching our video about Audiko. He has a different way to get ringtones for his iPhone, and wanted to pass it along to all of you. He created a video tutorial, which is the video embedded in this post. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step written tutorial you can follow to create your own ringtones.

First off, I would like to say thanks for all of your videos. I’ve been a pretty active viewer of your live streaming and YouTube videos for about 6 months now, and I’m always learning something new to help me out in the future. So thank you!

Now to why I am writing you. I just watched your video about getting free ringtones from audiko, and I just thought I would share some information I have about how I get my free ringtones for my iPhone. I’m a new iPhone user, and one of the first things I wanted to do was get some custom ringtones to use. After googling for a little bit, I came across a forum that explained how to create your own ringtones using Garage Band, and any mp3 you have. I don’t know if you know about this yet, so I just thought I would let you know in case you didn’t.

  1. open both iTunes and Garage Band.
  2. Find the song you would like to use as a ringtone in iTunes, and drag it into Garage Band so that it creates a new track with your song.
  3. Locate the position where you would like your ringtone to start in the song.
  4. I like to make a cut at that position, as well as delete the section before the spot I chose the ringtone to start at, just because it’s easier for me. This isnt required.
  5. After your spot has been picked, click the button that looks like a repeat button in iTunes. It’s located by the “record” and “play track” buttons. If you hover over it, it should say “turn cycle region on or off”.
  6. After clicked, a golden bar should appear at the top of your track. What you want to do is position the beginning of that bar to match the spot you chose to start your ringtone.
  7. You can make a maximum of 40 seconds per ringtone. Just drag the end of the gold bar as far as desired… as long as it doesn’t exceed 40 seconds.
  8. You can now test the tone by pushing “play”. After being satisfied with your ringtone, go up to the “share” tab and choose “send ringtone to iTunes”. This will automatically convert the ringtone, and send it straight to your iTunes… and put it under your ringtones tab. From there, you just sync it like any other ringtone for your iPhone.

I hope this was of some help. I think this is a wonderful way to create custom ringtones for the iPhone.

What's Your Current Ringtone?

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What ringtone do you have on your mobile device right now? Did you download it from the Internet, or are you using one that came with your phone. It’s so much better to go online to get one for your phone… for free. We’ve done many of these types of videos in the past. Today, I have a new one to tell you about.

On Tonzr, you can gain free access to MILLIONS (6,826,506 and counting) of MP3 ringtones, or “realtones”. There are just three easy steps to getting your ringtone:

  • Search for an artist or song title.
  • Preview the ringtones by clicking the play button to the left of each result.
  • When you find the ringtone you want, click the title of the track and have it sent to your phone!

That’s all there is to it. There’s nothing to sign up for, and more importantly… nothing to pay for.

So far, we support any phone with internet and MP3 capabilities on the following networks: Sprint, Nextel, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Alltel, US Cellular, Cellular South, and Cricket. We’ll be adding Helio and hopefully many others soon.

Tonzr is completely, entirely, honestly free. Free, free, free, free. There is absolutely no hidden fees or subscriptions so you won’t have any surprises when your phone bill comes. Seriously, it’s totally free.

I can’t think of an easier (and cheaper!) way to get a great ringtone for your phone.


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Do You Want to Make your own iPhone Ringtone for Free?

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What’s the ringtone on your phone right now? How do you create them, or do you buy them? Thanks to one of our community members, I wanted to show you the coolest new way to create your ringtones quickly and with ease.

Audiko is a free service that will help you create your own ringtone, using any song of your choosing. Simply upload your favorite song (or enter a URL to it) and choose the song fragment you wish to have for the ringtone. Click a button and presto! Download your new ringtone. You can also post the ringtone on your blog if you’d like, to share with your friends. Not sure what you’re looking for? Try doing a search on the site. They have many lists full of popular songs, as well as all of the ringtones that others have already created.

I know, you’re thinking that you don’t have an iPhone… so why would you need this site? Well, you’re in luck. No matter what phone you use, you can use this site. Your file will save in several different formats, so you’ll find one that works for you. I bet you anything you’re going to love this site, especially if you happen to have an iPhone.

What’s your current ringtone, and where did you get it?


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How to Create Free Ring Tones for your Phone

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With my old phones, I used to upload files to use as ring tones. With my iPhone, I can’t do that. You can only use ring tones you buy through iTunes. For all you people out there with phones that DO support other tones, you can make your own custom ring tones for free.

If you want to create your own ring tone, head on over to ToneMine.com. It’s quite easy and fun to create your custom music. Use a drag and drop, choose your soundtrack type, sound effects, etc. Once you’re done, you can go back and edit them to change them up to get them exactly how you want them.

You can play with the mixer, listen to ringtones, and send friends emails to ringtones without registering. By opening a free ToneMine account, you can also save your personal ringtone mixes, send them to your phone, post them to any web page, and download them to your computer. Click here to open your free account.

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Buying Digital Content at Gnomedex

Ethan Kaplan (no relation to Pud) wants to talk about buying digital audio and video:

The $39 Dollar Song and 6 Cent Ringtone didn’t really light up the charts on the TechMeme saturated blogosphere, but it is a valid discussion to have, especially when the business of content is exploding as it is (to use Jeff Jarvis’ parlance). I know that being from a record company, people will immediately look to me to talk about DRM and the RIAA. I will avoid the latter, and only address the former in the context of the discussion about abstraction and mutability and how it relates to Value.

I like buying content subscriptions. I hate buying content ala carte. I love buying physical products from my favorite artists.