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Recharge Your Soul

Being able to recharge your soul – and your mind – is something that we take for granted. We tend to ignore doing this, even though we need it often. We don’t want to take time out to recharge, to relax and unwind. We’re busy, you know. We have deadlines. We have places to go, people to network with. There are emails to check, and social networks to keep up with. Who has time to recharge?

I am lucky to be spending the next few days in beautiful Hawaii with several friends. While this is a business trip, I know that I will also find plenty of time to relax and recharge my mind and soul. Just sitting in my hotel room, looking out at the amazing scenery will likely do the trick. I don’t see things like that out the windows of my office!!

Not taking time out each day to just breathe can affect your health, both emotionally and physically. Even if you only give yourself a half hour of “you” time every day, make sure you take it!

What do you do to recharge yourself? One thing I do is to read.

How to Recharge Your iPhone Battery

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My battery was nearly dead during this video, since I had been playing my ringtone all day. It’s hard to charge my iPhone when I’m out and about. Thankfully, the folks from iPWR contacted me to show me what they have available.

Power and charge your iPhone or iPod on-the-go, and enjoy an extended playtime of up to 40 hours of music; 9 hours of video; or 7 hours of talk. iPWR has very compact size, it is small enough to keep connected to your iPhone or iPod.

The thing is, it doesn’t stay connected to my iPhone, since I use a case with it. Why doesn’t anyone ever think of that during the design phase? Most people I know use a protective or decorative case of some sort!

The most unique thing about iPWR is that it has an on/off switch. That’s pretty significant. Turn it off when your iPhone or iPod isn’t charging to save on the juice! Pop the top off and the simplicity of the design is obvious. It has a dock connector to attach to the iPhone or iPod, a mini-use port for charging it either from a computer or a USB charger adapter and an on/off switch. That’s it.

I will be using this and carrying it around with me. You never know when you’re going to need one of these, so pick one up today!

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