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Italy Plans to Hold YouTube Accountable for Your Uploads

In a bold move, Italy has announced plans to hold YouTube itself accountable for all content uploaded to their site. The government plans to extend television-broadcasting regulations to Web sites that host videos. According to new regulations, YouTube would have to get a TV license to operate in Italy. If Italy goes ahead with this, YouTube would have to follow the same rules and regulations as traditional broadcast channels.

In 2009, the EU passed an electronic commerce directive that states that any time a service-only site provides a service to transmit content, “the service provider is not liable for the information transmitted.” . If Italy goes ahead as planned, sites that have user-posted videos on them – such as YouTube – could face hefty legal penalties.

What could this mean for the future of sites such as YouTube? What are your thoughts on Italy’s proposed actions? This is only one of the excellent things I’ve read today, many of which were found right within our own community!

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