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What is Qik?

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Traci Toguchi was kind enough to cover CES for us over the past several days. She attended sessions, parties, and product release events. During this interview, Traci is talking with Rishi Mallik, Senior Manager of Business Development for Qik. Rishi was excited to talk to us about the new Qik-in-Touch desktop application. Thanks so much to Daynah for working the Vado 3 that Creative provided to Traci for this conference.

Stay in touch with the people you are following on Qik. Watch their videos instantly on your desktop the moment they go live! Sign in using your Qik username, and see what your friends are doing. Likewise, as soon as you Qik a video of your own, it will show up on your friends’ desktops automagically!

Qik now supports over 140 different phones, including the Blackberry! Be sure to check out the website to see if Qik will work with your phone!

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