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My Leather Coach Wallet

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Ponzi says it’s time to let my favorite wallet go, and get a new one… or get mine fixed. With a Coach wallet, you can send it in to be re-sewn if it starts to come apart. The leather on my wallet is great still. But, Ponzi is worried about money falling out, due to the sewing coming apart.

The great thing about Coach products is that their warranty is so amazing, you can send in your wallet if anything goes wrong with it. They will clean it, re-sew it… whatever they need to do in order to make it look as good as new again. So Ponzi buys me this second wallet to use while she sends in my Coach wallet. My point is: I’m a GUY. I don’t need two wallets. This whole “alternating” thing is just starting to freak me out a bit. She has more than one of literally everything. Me? Not so much.

The good news is, I’m just as much of an influence on her as she is on me. The day of this recording, she wore a cap all day… a FireFox cap, that is. Ya just have to love it.


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Isabella Fiore Handbags

Ponzi’s selling some purses on eBay (though not as many purses as she originally promised she’d be selling). They’re made by some hobo named Isabella Fiore. Can’t be too much of a hobo at these prices! Well, she’s actually starting each auction at much lower than any retail outlet:

Who knows if they’ll sell. I just can’t imagine anybody wanting to buy purses anywhere, let alone eBay. I’m sure there are purse addicts just champing at the bit to get to her Isabella Fiore Handbag auctions. She’s only selling four of them right now, and I’ll do what I can to convince her to sell the other 8,192 purses she’s decided to keep for herself.