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Are You Ready for the Cataclysm?

All of our gamer friends know that World of Warcraft Cataclysm release date is getting closer. Things around Azeroth will never be the same, but most players are excited about that prospect. It’s always good when a game shakes things up and makes them almost new again. It keeps players interested, right? There are lots of cool things going on to help promote the launch, and we’re happy to be taking part in a giveaway right here in our community.

Our friend Rubin and his team over at DiabloSpot have graciously donated some seriously cool items to give away. We will be doing two random giveaways – one begins today and the other will be next week! You have two chances to win, simply by sending a tweet. Your tweet must include @Chrispirillo, @diablospot and #Cataclysm in it. By sending that tweet between now and midnight on Friday night (October 29th), you are automatically in the running for this week’s prize.

This week, four lucky people will win Limited Edition Warcraft Trading Card Game Cards… each of which are still sealed in foil and were signed by the artist! At this point in time, there is no monetary value placed on them. I would definitely hold on to these if you win one… they could be worth some decent bank one day.

Are you looking forward to the Cataclysm? What do you feel will be the best change to the game? If you missed out on BlizzCon, be sure to check out the information that Rubin and the gang put up over on DiabloSpot – and don’t miss out on all the talk of Diablo 3.

LeapFish $100K Ca$h Da$h

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LeapFish. All opinions are 100% mine.

The LeapFish $100K Cash Dash kicked off just a few days ago, and people have already won things like iPod Touches and Flip Mino camcorders. There are still some pretty cool prizes left, so don’t wait too long to begin.

To enter the contest, you’ll need to earn points. Start by singing up and setting your homepage to LeapFish. Then, use your social media prowess to create videos, blog posts and tweets. You’ll also earn points by linking to the contest on your own home page, as well as for every person who signs up under your account.

In addition to prizes like a Dell Laptop, an Apple iPad and a MacBook Pro, there will also be random cash drawings. To win the physical products, you’ll need to be one of the first three people to reach the point level for that prize. To win the dough, you’ll be relying on the luck of the draw. You’ll gain 1 raffle entry in the Grand Prize drawing for each point you have racked up. Cash prizes range from $1000.00 to $50,000.00.

You already spend a large part of your day using various social media sites. Why not put that usage to work for you, and enter to win some pretty awesome gear? Signing up and setting your home page to LeapFish will earn you 75 raffle tickets. That’s 75 chances at fifty grand, folks. Who couldn’t use that kind of extra money?

This contest is a perfect example of being creative with social media resources to engage your community and followers. The more you talk about the contest to your audience, the more chances you’ll have to win. I think this contest is going to be a lot of fun for some people, as well. Good luck to anyone in our community who chooses to enter!

The Gift of Giving

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The season of giving is now upon us. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you still like to receive gifts, right? You’re in luck… I love to give gifts – and I want to give some to YOU!

This holiday, you have a chance to win a gift from me. This is open to anyone in the world, no matter where you live. Post a video response on YouTube (NOT here on the blog) to this video. Tell me what you want, and why you deserve the gift. It doesn’t matter what holiday you celebrate – or even if you celebrate anything at all. What matters is that you have a need or wish, and that you are willing to leave a video response to tell me what it is. You don’t have to be a professional videographer or come up with the funniest few moments ever recorded. I’m looking for sincerity, people who I feel will truly benefit from whatever it is they ask for.

I don’t care what religion you are (or aren’t!), what your background is, or even what your ethnicity is… you still have a chance to win! I will be choosing a winner live on the stream on Christmas Day – December 25th. Everyone deserves a little happiness and sunshine in their life. It doesn’t matter if YOU celebrate Christmas – I do, and this is how I am choosing to honor the day this year… by giving back to my community.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Gnomedex Green Screen Challenge: Your Commercial Could be on TV!

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This week, I’m taking the Green Screen Challenge a step or two further than usual! Normally, I make a blog post, showcasing a few of my favorite entries. This time around, you can actually win a couple of very cool things!

The challenge: Create a Gnomedex commercial! My annual Gnomedex conference is only five weeks away, and it’s shaping up to be the best one yet! To help spread the excitement, I want you to come up with your very own Gnomedex commercial. Be as creative and innovative as you can – but please keep Creative Commons licensing in mind. We don’t want any legal troubles.

So what will you potentially win? I’m so glad you asked! Next week, I will choose one winner from all of the entries submitted via video response. That person will win two very cool “prizes”…

  • Have your commercial featured on television! Yes, that’s right – on television. The winning entry will be featured on the Seattle-area Comcast network!! Your name will of course be prominent, giving credit (and maybe fame?!) where credit is due.
  • Win a full-access pass to the Gnomedex conference! If you are over 18 and can pay your own travel/hotel/expenses, you can find yourself right in the middle of things during Gnomedex. It’s an amazing conference, and attending can literally change your life by giving you new perspectives and ways of thinking outside the proverbial box. Of course, if you cannot attend, you can do as you wish with the ticket – sell it to someone else, or give it away to someone who might not otherwise be able to attend.

If you aren’t sure yet how to work with these videos, make sure you check out the tutorial I wrote awhile back.

I’m very excited to see what everyone is going to come up with. Based on past entries for our weekly challenge, I know that the level of creativity out there in our community is astounding. Have fun with this – and good luck to everyone!

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Throwboy Pillows – Win One Today!

Each week, we do a contest on our new(ish) Contests page. We’ve sadly put them on the back burner recently, due to working so hard on other projects. The good news for you all is that we’re reviving the contests, and having a great time with them! If you have ideas for future Twitter contests, or are a company interested in donating prizes, drop me a line!

This week, you have a chance to win one of two Throwboy pillows. Two winners will be chosen at random, and each will be able to choose which of these awesome little pillows they will have sent to them! The contest itself is simple to enter:

  • You must be following me on Twitter @chrispirillo
  • You have to Tweet the following: @chrispirillo #throwboy [Your Entry for What You Would Do]

That’s it! Honest! Seriously! Now, to be clear… make sure you don’t actually put the words [Your Entry for What You Would Do]. You need to exchange that, and tell me what it is you would do with/for a Throwboy! Be creative – and make it fun! Please keep all entries PG, though. There are a lot of younger people out there!

Even bigger news is that the folks at Throwboy have agreed to run this very same contest every other month! So if you don’t win this time, hang in there until September’s contest!

Good luck to everyone. 🙂

How to Enter Community Contests, Giveaways, and Sweepstakes

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If you like contests, giveaways and free stuff… I have the site for you! Everyone loves these things – you know you do! You’re going to want to keep an eye on our new contest site every week!

I’ve been wanting to do more giveaways, and get people more involved. This was the perfect answer! We can do Twitter contests through here. We can even do video contests through here! We launched the first contest here at the beginning of the weekend, so it’s about over now. However, by the time you check the site out there may be a lot more things going on!

My plan is to try and do something at least once a week. I get hardware and software to review a lot – so why not give it away!? Just keep an eye out – keep it bookmarked! You can enter each contest you’re eligible for. Who knows what you might win?!

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Gimme Gimme Gimme

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We like doing weekly giveaways. I’ve been trying to do them randomly. However, everyone asked so nicely, I decided to do a giveaway tonight!

There are only a few requirements to win the giveaway. They’re really simple, as well!

  • You must be subscribed to my YouTube Channel.
  • You have to have left a good comment somewhere on my blog.
  • You must be present in my chat room at the time of the giveaway.
  • Since the giveaway is sponsored by Ustream.tv, we have to follow their rules. They want the winner to live either in the US or Canada, as shipping and legalities could be an issue elsewhere in the world.

That’s all there is to it! So tonight we are using a GoToMeeting to choose a winner. The new PickerBot has chosen ChrisH first. He has to be here! He’s like always here! Seriously… he’s not around?! I can’t believe that.

Well, back we go to my fake music and the PickerBot. This time, RichardC was chosen, but he’s idle for nine hours. Now we move on, and see that SugarSpicehas been chosen! Yes, SugarSpice is subscribed to the YouTube blog. And great! There’s a comment on the blog, as well! That’s a win!

Congratulations, SugarSpice for being this week’s Web Cam winner!


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The Giveaway That Almost Didn't Happen – Rigged?

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This past week, it seemed nothing was going right for our giveaway. However, we do have a winner. I was saying “GO!!” and Allan took that to mean that the bot was supposed to choose a winner. Since the person had their links ready…

modhacker had their links ready. He is indeed subscribed to the YouTube channel, and has left a few good comments on my blog. Therefore… shortest giveaway yet to date! What a crazy video, and night this was.

Congratulations, Modhacker on your win! Join us next week for YOUR chance!

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