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New Facebook Page Changes

Facebook rolled out several new changes to their Pages today – and I’m quite happy with most of them. One of the coolest new features is the ability to browse Facebook as your Page instead of yourself. For instance, I can check out the Page for Peet’s Coffee and leave a comment from the ChrisPirillo Page, instead of from Chris Pirillo the man. This creates opportunities for companies and celebrities to endorse – or critique – each other. Status updates from each of the Pages your Page visits will now show up in your News Feed – yes, Pages get News Feeds now, as well!

Whenever you are logged into your Page, the notifications window will show you each time people leave a comment. The old friend requests button will tell you how many Likes you’ve received since the last time you had signed in. And Page admins can now receive updates via email whenever people interact on the Page in any capacity.

We are introducing new opportunities for Pages to share. We recently launched a new Profile design, to give users more ways to tell their stories with people they care about. Now, Pages will benefit from many of the same enhancements. Starting today, you can feature photos of your Page’s most recent experiences at the top of your Page. You can highlight other Pages you are connected with as well as the people who are managing your Page.

Facebook is excited about the new opportunities they have created for Pages and their fans. The “Everyone” filter on the Wall will give a way for everyone to see the most interesting posts first. There’s a place for you to discover the friends and interests that you may have in common with a Page, as well.

The company feels that these changes will bring a lot more “humanity” to Pages and allow for a significantly higher amount of interaction between you and your followers. Do you agree?

Facebook Launches Live Commenting

When Facebook absorbed Friendfeed, no one was certain what would become of the site that was loved so fiercely by so many. Since the two sites became one, we have seen a few Friendfeed-like integrations on the social networking giant. Just yesterday, Zuck and his team quietly launched a live-commenting feature which takes us back to the days of Friendfeed’s heydey.

It’s also important to note that page owners will now see Post Insights immediately, instead of having to wait several hours (or even days!) for that information to become available. I love how the little updates such as these show up magically – with no fanfare at all – to make my Facebook life even easier. Don’t you agree?

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