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What is a Podcast?

Are you checking into the Podcast Hotel? The next one is taking place in San Francisco on April 20 & 21, 2007. That’s only a few weeks away. To prepare everybody for this event, I sat down and spoke with both John Anthony Hartman and Alex Williams about what makes podcasting podcasting. What is a podcast? How do you start podcasting? Is podcasting a fad?

Geeks aren’t the only ones who might enjoy podcasts, podcasting, or the Podcast Hotel. No, this new mode of communication and information distribution is open to all levels of expertise. New tools and tips are unleashed onto the world’s stage every day – all the more reason for confabs akin to the Podcast Hotel. Artists, advertisers, enthusiasts: they will all be present. Will you?

How to Make Juice 2.2 Work in Windows Vista

Via Randall Lind (who sent an email to Todd and myself earlier), here’s how to make Juice 2.2 work in Windows Vista:

  1. Download, install, then browse to the installation folder
  2. Change the EXE compatibility mode to Windows XP SP2 [right-click the executable, flip to the Compatibility tab, place a checkmark in the ‘Run this program in compatibili8ty mode’, then press the OK button]
  3. Open Ipodder.cfg with Notepad and change the output directory from “My Documents” to “Documents” – which is found under C:UsersusernameappdataRoamingiPodder [by default]
  4. Launch Juice

Apparently, that does the trick?