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Our Community Playlist

A few days ago, I blogged about a musician in our community named David Crandall. I was blown away by what he does, and how good he is. I was also (apparently wrongly so) surprised to find we had such a talented musician in our little Geek community.

As I said… I was wrong to assume! I heard from several of you out there, all doing the same types of things as David!! Who knew we had all of these people among us making music, laying down tracks and jamming every day!? I certainly didn’t – but I do now!

Why Can’t all Playlists be this Easy to Build?

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Sometimes you may be in the mood to listen to one kind of music or artist. Heck, maybe you’re in the mood to listen to a little of everything all at once. What happens if you don’t have your music with you at any given time? What you’d need is a dynamic playlist that you can create, and listen to at any given time, in any place you happen to be. Songza allows you to do just that.

Songza is the single best place to search for and listen to music on the Web. Find a song and listen immediately, in one place. Unlike KaZaa or Bit Torrent, Songza users can only listen to songs, not download them. And unlike Last.fm or Rhapsody, Songza permits users to choose exactly the song or artist they want to hear, and does not require them to subscribe or pay for its services. Songza pays for licenses from all the major performing-rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), who then pay the publishers and writers in proportion to the number of plays they get on Songza.

Add your favorite artists, or discover new ones. Create a playlist that you can edit with ease when you want, and listen to any time you have the desire. With Songza, it’s easy… and free. You can’t beat that.


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How Do You Watch Videos With Friends?

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Some of you have been aware of the YouTube feature called ‘Streaming’. It’s where you can create a room, a play list of videos, and gather your friends together for a live interactive experience. That’s nice if all the videos you want to see are on YouTube. But what do you do when they aren’t? That’s when you go over to View2Gether.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch a video from YouTube, MySpaceTV, or other online videos at the same time with friends who are watching on their computers? We thought so too, and that’s how View2gether was born.

View2gether lets you watch videos in synchronized viewing with your friends, participate in real-time chat and search for videos that you can add to the list that everyone in the lounge sees, plus more.

Sure there’s webcam streaming, but View2gether is the only site on the web that lets you take content that you didn’t publish and watch it in synchronized view. When you enter an established lounge, the broadcast is already underway. Depending on your connection speed, and it usually takes only a few seconds, you’ll be synchronized with the rest of the lounge and everyone is seeing exactly the same thing at the same time.

Why not get some friends together and sign up for a free account? You can all get together in one place and easily watch all the videos you want. Add some pictures to your profile, create your own private watch lounge, and meet new people who have the same taste in videos as you.


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What's the Easiest Way to Build Music Playlists?

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I remember back in the day, making mix tapes for girls. What? How can you not know what mix tapes are? You took two boomboxes, two cassette tapes… and made your own mix tapes full of songs. Now that we don’t make those anymore, the personal touch has gone by the wayside. Sending someone a link just isn’t personal. Thankfully, you can now just zip over and use PlayList.

Projectplaylist.com is an information location tool similar to Google® and Yahoo!® but devoted entirely to the world of music. Our purpose is to help you find and enjoy music legally throughout the web in the same way that other search engines help you find webpages, images, and other media, but we also add a social /community twist. We make it easy for you to create playlists, share your playlists with friends, and browse playlists of others. We connect you with the coolest music on the web, and we connect people who are passionate about music. Music is burgeoning on the web. Increasingly, artists, record companies, music bloggers, music websites and music critics are uploading music files to websites that they control for promotional or other legal purposes. Our mission at Project Playlist, Inc. is to organize this rapidly growing abundance of legal music on the web for the benefit of the worldwide music community – artists, songwriters, music distributors, and listeners alike. Our view is that the more people share their individual passion for music by sharing playlists, the more music will be created, and the more the entire music industry will grow.

Projectplaylist.com allows you to discover all of this free music legally because we respect the rights of copyright holders and we insist that you do as well. We pay royalties to songwriters and music publishers, and we respect the performing artist’s choice. Some performing artists make their music freely available on the web, others allow you to listen to only a few freely available songs through a promotional site, and a few would prefer that none of their music be heard on the web at all. If an artist tells us that our search engine is linking to an illegally posted song, we will immediately take down the link to that music file.

It doesn’t get any better than that. I can now go in, and create a playlist especially for my wife, to welcome her home from her trip. I know I missed her, and the dogs really did. I think they might be getting a tad tired of having just Daddy around. Why not go and create a playlist or twelve of your own?


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iTunes Tips

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Here are some excellent tips for different things you can do with iTunes. Many of these, I didn’t already know! Thanks to all of you for sending in your tips and top five lists. Keep them coming!

  • You Can Change the visualizations in iTunes using the keys that follow:
    • Q and W Changes the corridor
    • A and S Use these keys to change the style of the visualizations
    • Z and X Changes the color of the visualizations
    • F Displays the frame rate
    • Made a Visualization you like? Push shift and a number (1-9) to make it a preset.
    • M key changes the mode (i.e. random, user config, freeze the current visualization)
    • O turns on overscan mode
  • During a download, go to the downloads page under “store” and click on the dash between the filesize and how minutes it has left to display how the download speed.
  • Say you want to download a song but don’t have time, find the song in the iTunes store, and drag the 30 second clip into your iTunes Library where you can purchase and download it later in one click.
  • You Can add “Smart Playlists” from the file menu. These playlists are self-updating based on the preferences you choose. Such as how many times a song is played, the year it was released, even the BPM.
  • You can add web radio stations to your library that come from the iTunes “radio” menu so you can easily stream them without having to go through a lot of lists and menus.
  • Want to know what’s all free on iTunes? Down near the bottom of the store page, there is a “free on iTunes” box. This is where I get a lot of my TV episodes, there is new stuff being added every week.


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