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What Kind of Laptop Should I Get?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – No one company is the right answer when searching for a laptop. Each consumer has different needs. Figure out your budget first. Decide what features you need, and what you can do without. Then, go online and look for product reviews.

I am absolutely amazed at the resolution on my 17″ MacBook Pro. It has 1920 x 1200 pixels, and is the closest I’ve seen to a desktop replacement yet. I am all about resolution, while Ponzi is more into the smaller sizes. Every person has different needs in a laptop or computer. That makes it impossible for anyone to decide on a brand or model for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a laptop. What do you need it for? What types of things do you want it to do best? First of all, you need to set your budget. Once you have done that, then start making a list. Some of the things you should think about:

  • What type of add ins are you looking for?
  • Do you play online games? You’ll need an excellent graphics card
  • If you’re a power user, make sure you have a good processor, and a lot of memory

Of course, these aren’t the only things that you need to look at, but they are a good general guide to get you started. Most importantly, before you buy… make sure you do your research. Go online, and look for product reviews of the model you want to obtain. If all of the reviews are good, you know you’ve chosen a winner. If the reviews are mostly negative, you might want to continue your search.

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Rich Media Email

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – To my knowledge, it is not possible to embed a video directly into an email. Most email clients will choke if you tried to send that type of rich media. Anything like Flash content and JavaScript even are considered to be a security risk, and are not allowed.

Way back in the late 1990s I authored a book called Email Publishing. In the book, I explained to people how to build communities using their email. Email publishing is about the content. Yes, sponsors are important. However, without good content you don’t have much of anything.

One of our faithful YouTube subscribers wrote in to ask how he can embed a video directly into an email. He wants it to either load or play immediately when the email is opened, or have it be a box the recipient can click to immediately play. To my knowledge, there is no way to do this. A video in an email will not render, and would likely be considered a security risk.

Another thing to think about is whether your audience really wants a video to begin playing immediately. Think back to when Microsoft made it possible for people to embed background music in their emails. How annoying was this? If I’m listening to music, or already have something playing I need to listen to, I do not want a video to automatically start playing when I open my email. Plain graphics and links are what you need to focus on. It’s acceptable to place a link in an email that goes to a page with the video embedded in the middle of it. Make it the recipient’s choice as to when they want to view your video.

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Customized Windows Installation CDs

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – I used to literally pull an all-nighter when I had to reinstall Windows. Customizing it and getting things the way I wanted was a pain. I should have listened to some of the advice I’ve been given about making my own customized Windows installation CDs.

By using a program called nLite, you can make yourself a customized Windows XP installation disc. This has been around a while, and is tried and true. It works. Simply point and click. Choose the things you want to install, decide what you want and how you want it to look, and save it. It will create an .iso image for you that you can burn to a CD and use as your installation disk.

Similarly, you can also use the newer vLite to make a customized Windows Vista installation disk. This one has not been tested as much. Vista already has enough bugs and problems that I’m not completely sure whether a customized install would be helpful or not.

What other tips and tricks do you have to make the nightmare of reinstalling an operating system go away? Are there other programs you may use to slipstream this process? We always want to hear from you.

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Tiger vs Leopard vs Microsoft Service Packs

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – There is a fundamental difference between a “service pack” and an Apple update. When Microsoft rolls out its free Service Packs, it generally only addresses security flaws, which were the fault of Microsoft anyway. When Apple releases an update, it costs money. However, these updates are major upgrades to the system’s functionality and features.

While Microsoft issues its Service Packs on a regular basis, it can take quite a while before Apple releases an update to its operating system, OS X. The current version is called Tiger. The new version, due in October, is called Leopard.

Microsoft’s Service Packs are free, yes. As I said above, they pretty much only fix security holes that should have been fixed to begin with. Any major upgrades on a Microsoft O/S are generally left until an entire new operating system is released. Vista – in my mind – still feels very Beta. Will a Service Pack address some of that? I guess we’ll hope for the best, and wait to see.

With Leopard, Apple is unveiling a lot of new features and functionality. It has totally revamped how you find files within the system. It now will work more like iTunes, and have a better interface. There is a very cool new feature called Time Machine. This will allow you to go back to any previous version of a file and re-save it if need be. Let’s say you made some changes to a picture, and saved it with the same name. Two days later, you realize you don’t LIKE those changes. Good news! With the Time Machine, you can access that previous version of the picture. Leopard will also have better parental controls, an integrated virtual desktop, and nifty new ways of organizing your desktop. I’m not going to give everything away here. You can read about them on Apple’s site. I’m definitely looking forward to the new version myself.

What’s your opinion on the differences? Do you like OS X? Are you looking forward to Leopard, or are you happy with Tiger? Do you prefer Vista, and the way Microsoft handles its updates? We always want to hear from you.

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OK… So I LIKE My iPhone

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Yes, I’ll admit it. I love my iPhone. The experience of using it is unparalleled by any other mobile device I’ve ever used. If you’re going to buy an iPhone, don’t do it because of the hype. Do it because it’s well worth it.

Yes, today I eat crow. Back on June 29th, I blogged about the 20 Reasons I would not be buying an iPhone. While those reasons are still valid in my opinion, my outlook has changed dramatically.

Ponzi bought me the iPhone for my birthday a few days ago. She’s right… I wanted it. I didn’t want the hype; I didn’t want to buy into all of that. I thought I couldn’t live with the shortcomings. But I admit… I was curious to try it for myself

The iPhone has blown me away. Today, I wrote out the 20 reasons I LIKE my iPhone. The small things are what impress me the most. For instance, I have tried three separate Windows-based Bluetooth devices in the past. The iPhone is the only one that sends the battery and signal strength to my dashboard where I can actually see it. How cool is that? It’s like my car got an upgrade instead of my phone.

More of the “little things” that have won me over:

  • Email is just easier to read. I was concerned about the functionality with Outlook, but this is just a delight.
  • This is by FAR the easiest mobile device to update I’ve come across. I turned on my iPhone; it asked me if I wanted to update. I told it yes; it updated… it was DONE.
  • I’m finding myself doing things I never did before on a phone. I can easily check the weather, look at stocks, and even pull up a map.
  • Microsoft has been developing operating systems for mobile devices for years. Yet the iPhone makes it look like a snap to open and read a Word document… first edition phone, right out of the gate. Now that is impressive.
  • It’s actually simple to switch between calls!

When you can’t wait to use your phone… you know it’s an experience.

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Free Or Cheap Web Hosting

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Sad to say, there really is no “free” hosting if you want to own your Web site. You can buy your own domain name and secure reliable hosting at very good prices, though. Our sponsor GoDaddy provides domain purchasing services, as well as helping you to obtain hosting.

In order to actually own your own Web site, you must do two things. First, you must buy your domain name. This is what the name of your site will be. For instance, lockergnome.com is the name of one of my sites. If you visit our live chat, you can now use the GoDaddy bot. Simply type an exclamation mark, and the name of the site you want. You will then be given a clickable link within the chat room that will take you right to GoDaddy’s checkout. There are other sites, of course, where you can purchase a domain name. What sites have you used – or do you use – to buy yours?

The second thing you have to do is to get Web hosting. There are many good companies out there to choose from, with excellent pricing. Since you can take your domain name with you wherever you go, the market is highly competitive for hosting services. Since I have several sites that attract a lot of people, I choose to go the route of buying my own servers. This is something to look into for high traffic sites, but not for an average user. One reliable and inexpensive hosting company that I’ve used in the past is Laughing Squid. Our friend Scott there does an excellent job with photography, as well.

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us about your Web hosting company. What does it charge? Does it have good customer service? Would you recommend it to our other visitors?

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The Difference Between The Internet And The World Wide Web

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Think of the Internet as an umbrella. Underneath that umbrella, you will find online gaming, email, IMs, FTPs to share files, and P2P programs that share even more files and Web sites. The World Wide Web is everything that you can see or access from within a Web browser. Therefore, while the Internet is not the same as the World Wide Web, the WWW is definitely a part of the Internet.

Waaayyy back in 1992 when I first got online, things were much different than they are today. The first browser I ever used was Lynx. That allowed me to browse the Internet in text. The first graphical Web experience I had was either using O/S 2 from IBM or Mosaic, which later became Netscape. That first experience was full of stolen .GIFs, and a lot of centered, blue, underlined text. Those underlined text words were, of course, hyperlinks. The pretty blue color turned purple after you had clicked it at least once.

The World Wide Web is a series of hyperlinks. For instance, chris.pirillo.com is one of my Web sites. On there, I may have a link to you. And on your page, you may have links to others. They have links to even more people and places! Soon, we have this giant mish mash of connecting links. Welcome to the World Wide Web!

A Web site is comprised of Web pages, and a Web site resides on the World Wide Web. The Internet, then, is not the same as the WWW, but the WWW is definitely a part of the Internet.

In a poll of our current chatters at live.pirillo.com, 58% listed Web browsing as their favorite Internet activity. 18% chose IMing, 14% chose online gaming, and only 11% listed email as their favorite thing to do online. What is your favorite? What do you think will be the next generation of the Internet? We’re always interested in your feedback and comments.

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Is It Safe To Delete Temp Files?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – When you load a program, the operating system puts it into memory, which creates files in your temp folder. You’ll also find data about your recycle bin there, as well as any plugins you may have installed. It is quite safe to delete these files, and there are a couple way to easily do so.

Temporary files are created when a program on your computer is performing an action. If the program closes cleanly, the temp files should be deleted automatically. However, if you end a task, or the program crashes, those files are left behind. There is also data stored in your temp files pertaining to what is in your recycle bin. Even though the files in the recycle bin have been deleted and aren’t running, they are still actually on your system. Emptying that recycle bin is one way to free up some space in your temporary files folder.

One good way to free up disk space and clean your temporary files is to run the Disk Cleanup utility on your Windows computer. You can access this in one of three ways:

  • Click Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup
  • Click Start | Run and in the Open box type cleanmgr and click OK
  • Go to My Computer, right-click the disk in which you want to free up space, click Properties, click the General tab, and then click Disk Cleanup.

There is an excellent free program that was created by one of the friends of our live broadcast and chat room. ATF Cleaner is free, as I mentioned. It doesn’t have to be installed, so it takes up no space on your computer. You can use this to clean and/or manage not only your temp files, but your cookies, cache, and saved passwords. Check out the complete guide for how to use ATF Cleaner.

You could also choose to use CCleaner. This is a free program as well, and very powerful. It has a registry cleaner built in, in addition to the other cleaners. I caution you to always back up your registry first, prior to doing any cleaning of it, or making any changes.

Before we signed off on this video, we tried something new. Most of you know that GoDaddy.com is now our video sponsor. We are going to try and do a poll for every video, to include the results, thanks to GoDaddy. Today’s poll was asking our live chatters if they feel it is safe to delete temp files. Nearly 90% of them agreed that it is. So there you go, Kyle. Thanks for the question!

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Weekly Giveaway

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Every week, we give away a webcam to one of our loyal subscribers.

UStream sponsors these weekly giveaways. The contest rules are simple. You must be subscribed to our ustream live feed and you must be present in our chat room found at live.pirillo.com.

Okay, let’s get this show on the road! Scrolling through the list of names… who will my cursor stop on… who will win? Ah, hah! And this week’s winner is… Hell4u! Hell4u is present in the chatroom… and has pasted me their ustream link. Wait a minute! Hell4u is not subscribed to our feed! That is a requirement to win. Let’s use the cool Live Poll feature from ustream to let the chatters decide. Annnnnddddd the answer is a resounding NO! Sorry, Hell4u. Rules are rules, and you weren’t subscribed. Maybe you’ll be chosen again in the future.

And now we move on, choosing this time… Bud! Is Bud here, everyone? What? No Bud present? Well if he’s not present, he can’t win!

Once more, we rely on my trusty random cursor. You know, we seriously need some good original game show type theme music for the giveaways. Any composers in here? Feel free to compose my new giveaway theme and send it to me!

SilverDragon are you here? You are? Great! Are you subscribed? YES! Houston… we have a winner for the week! Congratulations!

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Bandwidth Throttling

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – There are ways to adjust bandwidth on an application by application basis, or even a device by device basis. Unfortunately, it’s basically not possible to limit bandwidth by website. There are ways you can assign priority to certain applications to allocate your bandwidth where you need it most.

If you’re like me, you probably have more than five different programs running accessing the internet. We’re chatting, IM’ing, browsing web pages, and checking our emails. You have a limited amount of bandwidth to use. You can only squeeze so much data through, no matter how hard you may try.

Unfortunately, I know of no way to limit the amount of bandwidth by website. However, I use a handy little tool called Thibor15c with my Linksys router to manage my bandwidth by application. I can assign priority to the applications I need most. For instance, my Vonage is the most important when I have a phone call coming in. You can choose to have XBox at the top of your list, or any other program that accesses the Internet you may need.

Another way to not necessarily control your bandwidth….but to make your surfing experience much faster….is to use this wonderful free program called Open DNS. What Open DNS does is to caches the DNS info for websites, and shortens the time it takes them to load. It also has cool little features like allowing you to define shortcuts in your address bar. For instance, if I type the letters gg into my address bar, my browser will automatically go to the website I have assigned to that shortcut. You can also set up shortcuts for typos…to correct them, of course. Have you ever accidentally forgotten the letter o in the .com extension of a web address? This typo feature will automatically add that letter o back in, and take you to the right place.

I’m definitely interested in hearing from you if you know of any ways to limit bandwidth on a website by website basis. You can always find us live in our chat room at live.pirillo.com or you can email me at [email protected]

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