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What is Your Favorite Type of Dog?

Ponzi and I are the proud parents of Wicket and Pixie. They are a mixed breed: Lhasa Apso, Sh1tzu, and Poodle (Lhasash1tzapoo). They are essentially our kids, as we don’t have any human children at this point in time. Yes, they are quite spoiled. Ask any dog lover, and they’ll loudly tell you that their canine friends are a member of the family, just like our two are.

Wicket and Pixie

Brussels Griffon – Denise

Lhasashisapoo! – l0ckergn0me

Greyhound, Samoid and Golden Retriever. – Nir Ben Yona

My dog, Chewbacca the Yellow Lab! 🙂 – Jericho

Maltese. I had two. One passed away recently. – michael parks

Boxer – Carmen

Boxer – Jeff Quinton

old English sheep dog – Baard Overgaard Hansen

Pug, French Bulldog, or Bull Terrier. Something with a weird nose. – Steve Lynch

Hot Dog – Owen

Shihtzu. 🙂 – <LINDSAY_DONAGHE />

Black Lab but Yellow tastes good too. – Andrew Smith

my late australian cattle dog RIP http://tinyurl.com/4wsb68Jason Kucsma

beagle! – Alisha

Lab. – Kevin Pedraja

Old English Sheepdog. Bearded Collie. Corgi. Oh, and I suppose the Welsh Terrier. – Nine

Jack Russell – shaun mclane

Golden Retriever, great family pet! – Kol Tregaskes

Brittney Spaniel – Diane Ensey

black lab – lisa-k

"someone else’s" – Josh Haley

+1 Josh, lol – Alex Scoble CISSP

Top – todd

Rotweiller – Steven Perez

Rhodesian Ridgeback – Andre Maltais

Beagle! – Louis Gray

Cairn Terrier – Benjamin Golub

beagle – Gary Burd

Dachshund – George The Writer

Shih Tzu – Chris Rivait

Rottweiler – Chris Baskind

Pomeranian – Erica Baker

Living – Jim Goldstein

Sheltie – Bob

Cocker spaniel! – Timothy Griffin

Australian Cattle Dog. Red or Blue, I’m not fussy – Duncan Riley

Old English Sheep Dog, or like Josh "someone else’s" – Rachel L Fox

What’s your favorite type of dog?

Are Parrots Pets?

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Marcus writes: “Although it is not related to tech, you did mention it on the live stream and I thought that was enough to merit a top 5 list. My top 5 list is involving one of my pets, which is my parrot. I have 1 parrot at the moment, and he is called Elvis. He is almost 1 year old, and is an African grey parrot. I have had him since January and love him! Here is a top 5 list of tips on how to handle and deal with your parrot.”

  • Although the parrot is yours, HE is the boss. If you want him to do something and he does not want to do it, he will not do it. You cannot expect that he will do everything that you tell him to do.
  • This relates to the first point and it is very important. Do not tell your parrot off, or show any negative behavior towards him EVER. The end result will only be he will be to scared to go anywhere near you. Encourage good behavior and ignore bad behavior.
  • Do not think that even if you have a big cage, the parrot will be satisfied. I try to keep my parrot out of his cage for as much time as possible. At night I put him into it for around 20 minutes so that he can get some food, and then he sleeps on his perch in my room.
  • Do not leave him unattended near anything that you do not want him to poop on. Parrots excrete their bodily waste every 40 minutes. If he likes to stay on doors or chairs, have a newspaper or two around.
  • Do not buy a parrot thinking it will be easy and not matter. They can live for as long as you (60 years)… and depending on when you buy it, he will be with you for your whole life. It is like adopting a child… only it will spend its whole life with you and not leave. Consider everything before you buy one.


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Dog Pictures

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I caught Wicket looking at doggie websites he shouldn’t be. He doesn’t know I’m on to him… so let’s sneak in there and see what he’s up to!

Oh man, I can’t believe this. We caught him red handed! Wicket is sitting in front of the Mac… surfing the Lassie websites. I just can’t believe he would do that! Pixie is so disgusted with him, she’s licking herself. I don’t know what to do with these dogs anymore… I really don’t.

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Wicket, the Internet Puppy

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Wicket has suddenly learned how to play Hide ‘n’ Seek with me. He hides… and I can never find him! He better not be surfing those Lassie websites again, or he’s seriously going to be in the dog house this time.

What the heck? He was sitting quietly on my computer desk the whole time? He’s becoming more of a camera hound than I am… I swear it! Maybe we should start a new show… live.wicket.com

Ok ok. You can play with the computer now Wicket. Just be sure to let your sister have a turn this time, eh?

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Pet Food Recall: DANGER

Dude! If you have any of the following pet food products (made by Menu Foods) in your pantry, THROW THEM AWAY IMMEDIATELY:

Please, please, PLEASE pass this information forward.

A Dog's Social Network

That’s it! Wicket and Pixie are officially online, though I wouldn’t expect to hear much from them. They each have separate Dogster profiles: Puppy 1 and Puppy 2. I was prompted to set ’em up after Ted Rheingold (himself) commented on a recent photo of Wicket. I don’t know what to say, so I’ll let Wicket speak for himself:

Arf woof, woof woof bark woof. Growl, growl, arf arf arf woof bark woof. Woof! Woof bark woof woof woof bark woof woof. Arf, arf! Warf! Ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-woo-woo! Graw, woof woof woof woof woof. Arf, woof woof arf arf woof woof woof. Grow-wow-wow, woof woof woof arf bark bark bark bark FARK bark woof woof woof arf arf, arf arf arf arf arf. Woof! Woof! Woof! Bark bark bark bark bark bark woof woof woof arf woof bark bark woof arf – arf arf arf, bark woof.

Please, no sudden movements or he’ll run away and pee on the rug. Oh jeez, now Pixie wants to say something, too:

Yeah – she’s a bit shy. Are you going to say anything, Pixie? I thought you wanted to say something. Now’s the time, because I’m in the middle of editing the post. Fine, but don’t say I didn’t at least give you the opportunity.