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What is the Twitter Peek?

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Lamarr is a good friend, and community member around Geeks and our live chat. He has done a few videos for me in the past, and I couldn’t pass this one up. Lamarr is giving us a first-hand look of the new Twitter Peek. What an amazing device this is. You can view tweets with it! You can send tweets with it! You can uhm… use Twitter with it!

For only $7.95 per month for the service, you can use Twitter anywhere. Never mind that you have a cell phone that can help you tweet. Forget about that laptop or netbook! You can buy the Twitter Peek for $99.99, and then pay for the service to be able to tweet!

Oh, wait… you can pay $199.99 for the device and get the service included for the life of the gadget. How cool is that?

Give me a break. Why the hell would I buy a device that only does one thing in this day and age? I have an iPhone that will get me to Twitter. It also does a bajillion other things. What’s the point of a device that only allows me to do ONE thing? How is that a deal or bargain of any kind? Who the heck would buy or use this thing?

Epic fail, in my opinion… and in Lamarr’s. Thanks, Lamarr, for warning us about this device. Keep bringing us your fantastic viewpoints every week! I enjoy learning new ways of looking at things from you.

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