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MacBook Pro Unboxing

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What’s so exciting about watching somebody unbox a new product? I’m not quite sure, but I’ll do it in front of a live virtual audience any day. Over 1,300 of you tuned in for that particular broadcast! If you think this is boring, you’re probably correct. There’s honestly not much to it, folks.

I was able to get a brand-new MacBook Pro courtesy of our friends at PC Pitstop. Upon opening the machine for the first time, I have to echo what one person said in our chat room… this thing is “Geekalicious!!”

I’m heading off to Washington DC for a few days, and then to Hawaii next week to speak at a conference. The new MacBook is going to get a workout, so I’ll let you know how well it works when I return!

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How to Order a New MacBook Pro

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According to Apple, the new MacBook Pro line is the fastest and most powerful ever. They now come with Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. Each one happens to contain next-gen nVidia graphics. I am about to order one of these gorgeous little babies for myself, thanks to PC Pitstop.

I like the big screen, so I decided to go with the 17″ MacBook Pro. The big question to be answered is in the type of screen… glossy or matte. My current MacBook Pro has a matte screen, which is anti-glare. I like that a lot. However, crumbs and crud collects around the edge of the screen. The new glossy screen doesn’t have that issue. It’s a more seamless design.

In terms of performance, we’re looking at a pretty big boost in speed over the last generation of MacBook Pro. When building, I went with the i7 processor. The vote in the chat room was unanimous on that, so I had to follow their directions. Memory-wise, I went with the 8 GB of RAM. When it came to the hard drive, I went with the 512 Solid-State drive. I have an SSD in my Mac main machine, and I LOVE it.

I had to choose the screen type next. The chatters convinced me to go with the glossy screen. I’ll end up getting a matte screen protector I’m sure. We chose the English keyboard, of course. I skipped getting the mini display port to DVI, because Griffin makes one I really like. I did end up grabbing the mini display port to VGA, though, since I travel a lot.

The AppleCare Protection Plan is an absolute must. I clicked that particular button with a flourish. It’s saved my butt – and my wallet – MANY times in the past.

I do have to thank PC PitStop once again for sponsoring this awesome new machine.

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How to Speed Up Your PC

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PCPitstop is one of those resources you need, but don’t realize it until you need it! These guys have been around for nearly a decade now, and their reputation is rock-solid. They have a feature called “Ask an Expert” – and they’ve asked me to answer one of the questions. Candace is wondering how she can speed up her computer. She defrags regularly, and isn’t sure what more she can do.

There are several things you can do, Candace. Memory could speed things up, although there’s a law of diminishing returns. Since you didn’t mention a specific operating system, I know you’re running Windows due to the mention of running a defrag. If you’re using Vista – stop it. Spring forward to the Windows 7 beta, or roll back to XP. Even if you like Vista, you still have to realize how much of a resource hog it can be. The operating system is as important as the software you’re running on it.

Defragging is only going to help you so much. If your hard drive is full – consider cleaning it up. Store some of your videos, pictures and documents on a separate storage drive. If your hard drive is full, it definitely will not run at optimal importance.

Another option is to upgrade your hard drive itself. Consider switching from the HDD hard drive you likely have to a Solid State Drive. The problem could be due to the bottleneck speed of your current hard drive.

It’s difficult to guess at what will work best here, since I don’t know the full specs of the system. However, I’m willing to wager that the problem is bottleneck with the hard drive. I couldn’t believe how much faster my own personal machine ran after upgrading myself to the Samsung SSD.

How else can Candace make her computer faster? Let’s make this a community effort – if you have an answer to this, please feel free to leave your thoughts in a follow-up comment to this video.

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