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Targus Premium Laptop Power Review

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I really hate cables. I like what cables can do for me – bringing power to my devices. I don’t like looking at them all day long. That is why I keep them tucked away out of sight. I was disappointed when I got my iPad recently, because it needs 10 watts of power to charge. My then-current Macbook Pro didn’t support that much output, so I had to charge through a regular electrical outlet. Thankfully, Targus sent me their Premium Laptop Power system to review.

This charger is literally about half the size and weight of a normal charger, and it’s about the size of a Blackberry phone. This makes it perfect for traveling and portability. It comes with 9 laptop tips, a mini-USB tip for cell phones or cameras and an iPod/iPhone/iPad tip. This makes it seriously versatile, and even allows you to charge two different devices at once. It is powerful enough to charge your laptop AND your phone at the same time.

You know how you plug a large charger into a power strip and it then blocks one (or more) of the other empty slots? This annoys me to no end. With this particular charger, though, you won’t have that issue anymore. The prongs rotate 180 degrees, making it easy for you to adjust it to best fit your needs.

The charger includes a portable auto adapter so that you can charge up your devices as you motor to your next destination.

I haven’t had the pleasure of using a charger that is better than this one. It’s powerful enough to do what I need it to do. It’s small enough to carry with me wherever I need to go. And – it actually looks good! How often am I able to say that about a device such as this? You know I’m all about having my gadgets look right in my office.

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