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YouTube Adds Colored Tags in Comments

Check out this screen shot taken from my action figure review video a few minutes ago (clicking will take you to the original video page):

YouTube Adds Colored Tags in Comments.png

Do you see small orange blocks in the comments area?

I simply entered   #OMG     #LOL     #FAIL   into the comment submission field.

After posting the comment with these hashtags, each one of them showed up as a separate orange block of text. Clicking any one of these orange tags will take you to a global, aggregated thread for the designated tag. They appear to be working throughout YouTube now.

If you want to try it for yourself, you’ll need to place a hash symbol directly before the known acronyms in CAPS; the feature doesn’t seem to apply with lowercase characters. Apparently,  #FTW  works, too.

Kinda neat, eh? I have no idea if they’re going to be expanding this to support every popular keyword, but ATM, it seems to be for these popular acronyms. I don’t know WTF they were thinking, but I (for one) appreciate the feature!

If you discover any other orange’d tag there, let me know!

I Didn't Write Anything Yesterday!

OMG. I totally spaced on writing something here yesterday. I’m so incredibly sorry, and intend on making it up to everyone right now. See, I’m writing something here – this is the sentence in the paragraph I’m writing because I forgot to write something before the clock struck Midnight. Where did the time go? Oh, you name it – running errands, getting ready for our trip to SF for BloggerCon, troubleshooting WordPress, troubleshooting Lockergnome, troubleshooting Gada.be, conversing with friends, chatting with Shayne, kissing Ponzi (at least once, I remember), etc. I really wanted to write something more substantial, but I guess you’ll have to settle for a fluff piece instead. Look at all the fluff! This is all fluff, I tell ya! Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy. Must go to bed now.