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The Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster

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I’m checking out the newest in products from the folks at Monster – The Beats. Would you believe that Dr. Dre himself sent these to me? Ok, so maybe he didn’t. But it’s still pretty cool to think he might have!

Experience music the way the artist wants you to. Beats high definition headphones are precision engineered to reveal the full sound of today’s digital music including the most sonically demanding rock, hip hop and R&B. With advance speaker design, power amplification, and active noise canceling, Beats delivers all the power, clarity, and deep base today’s top artists and producers want you to hear. Beats headphones are luxurious, high quality, and worth every penny.

I have reviewed noise canceling headphones a lot. I won’t go on trips without them. I’m not a big fan of earbuds, so I prefer regular headphones. There are a couple of reasons why I like the Beats more than other noise canceling headphones. One is that I love the way they fit perfectly over my ears.

Another thing I love is that I feel completely immersed in whatever I’m listening to. I’ve tried the surround-sound earphones before, but never really heard the surround. With the Beats, I feel completely IN surround sound. It was a completely new experience, and an amazing one.

I love the cabling of these things. I was confused as to why the cabling is separated from the headphones. Then, I took a better look. I noticed a little box attached to the black wire… and was like WHOA! Connect that wire to the headphones, and something like your iPhone. You can use your Beats with your iPhone, and even take calls without having to remove your very comfortable headset!

Lastly, I am happy with the batteries in this set. They take just regular old AA batteries, instead of a proprietary battery. I’ve been on trips where my old headphones would be completely dead and unusable, due to the battery draining itself. That’s so frustrating. With the Beats, I don’t have to worry about that.

There’s also a small mute button on the side. You can just push the button to stop playback of whatever you’re listening to, in order to focus your attention elsewhere. Once you’re done, push the button again and return to your music or podcast.

If you’re going to spend the money for a good music device, then spend the money on a good pair of noise canceling headphones. If you’re asking my opinion in terms of quality and features – you want the Beats.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones

Ponzi purchased the world’s most expensive noise cancelling headphones from Bose the other day… which cost as much as her second iPod (actually, third – if you want to count the Shuffle). I gotta admit, they’re quite comfortable on the ears. I’ll have to give ’em a good spin to decide if I’m going to pick up a pair, too:

QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones deliver acclaimed Bose performance in a new on-ear design. Just slip them on and experience the difference our proprietary technologies make. Enjoy full-spectrum noise reduction that fades background distractions. Rich, clear audio that reveals nuances you might have missed. And a compact, lightweight, easy fit for hours of comfortable listening.

I hate earphones – I don’t care how much “better” they are. When I was a kid, my mom told me never to stick anything in my ears – especially if it does nothing but collect wax and make my ear canal sore.