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Wanna Win a Wii?

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Do you want a Wii? How would you like to win a Wii? You may be the winner if I am the winner of the Wii! The contest is open until Feb 6th, and all you have to do is click the mouse a couple of times! Head over to Geeks and get registered for a free account. Once you’re hooked up, click on the main page where you see Our Current Contest – Win a Wii!, which takes you to the rules page.

All you have to do is click the giant boxing glove for a sneak preview of the new “Ready 2 Rumble Revolution” game. After you’ve clicked, leave a comment in that thread, telling me why you want to win a Wii. Or, you can also leave a comment in the corresponding blog post that I wrote up for this contest.

That’s honestly all you have to do. If I am the grand prize winner in this contest – I will win a Wii. And if I win a Wii – one of YOU will get the Wii! I can’t make it any easier to help one of you win!

I launched this contest the morning I made this video, and there were already over 200 comments that people have left, trying to win. Make sure to get your comment in there so that you have a shot as well.

Someone is going to win a Wii… it might as well be you! I already have a Wii, so it will be a wee bit of fun to give this one away if we win!

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Should There Be More M-Rated Games For the Wii?

We all know how popular the M-rated games are on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. But how do they fare on the Nintendo Wii? Not so well. In fact, the developers of successful mature titles on the other two platforms don’t even consider development for the Wii. Only 13 of the 392 available Wii games are mature titles, and their sales are nothing boastworthy.

Do popular mature titles like Grand Theft Auto belong on the Wii? Take a look at the demographic usage. Popular games on the Wii are notably milder – carrying Everyone or Teen ratings. Popular games on the 360 and PS3 are M-rated, and they see more revenue than titles carrying a milder rating.

All of this might change. Yesterday, Take-Two Interactive Software, the company who developed the Grand Theft Auto series and Bioshock, posted a quarterly loss. CEO Ben Feder shocked shareholders by stating they may “look at the Wii as a viable platform” for ALL of their titles. “You can’t ignore the install base. You just can’t.”

The Wii demographic is all over town but the general user base consists of women and children. Many users are also Nintendo collectors, having every console and hand held device the company has ever released. Many also use the Wii to escape the blood and gore titles seen elsewhere – a typical sentiment from moms who want fun without violence. We’ve seen the Wii used for therapy for seniors and those in nursing homes – but are these the people Take-Two intends on paying attention to?

What do YOU think?

We Need a Wii for Ponzi's Mii

We had a Wii for a wittle while, but it wii-mained in the box because we were a wee too busy to start playing with it. When my parents came to Seattle for Gnomedex this year, Mom mentioned that she was considering getting a Wii of her own. I offered her our unused Wii, and she reluctantly accepted.

We had a Wii without ever being wise to its Wii charms.

I’m an extremely casual gamer, and Ponzi takes casual to an entirely new level (the last time she played a video game, Nixon was in office). I’ve been motivated to pick up another Wii, if only because Super Mario Galaxy is getting tons of buzz. We’ve been happy enough with our Xbox 360s, and I haven’t ever considered a PS3 (even circulars are still selling PS2s this holiday season).

Then BIGUNITZERO did this:

So, if you have a Wii, you can make your own Ponzi Mii!