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Producing Text Email Newsletters Again Sat, 20 Jan 2007 00:41:20 +0000 Continue reading Producing Text Email Newsletters Again ]]> I did something the other night that I never thought I’d do again; I started redistributing a text email newsletter. Yes, just like it was in the glory days of 1996, I went back to producing a simple text digest of links every day. I’m always finding stuff that nobody else seems to surface – and I’m still doing my best to remain outside the echo chamber. Besides, I really missed the one-on-one interaction in the inbox.

You might remember my argument that email, indeed, is dead. The only thing that will give me a change of heart is a substantial growth in subscribers. We’re well over 100,000 known Gnomies today – and I’m going to figure out how to double that number (legitimately) in the next year. You can join the list by sending an email message to (and encourage your friends to do so as well). More importantly, I’m actively taking link suggestions – yours, perhaps?

Lockergnome has been undergoing a metamorphosis for quite some time now, which largely precipitated this change of heart. The Web site, itself, is ready to accept anybody as a contributor (going splitsies on AdSense) – though the classic channels will continue to exist and flourish. We’ve got a new design coming soon, but I believe we’re open to accept beta bloggers (as opposed to beta blockers). You may already have a blog, but I betcha we could drive more traffic to your content if you were on our network. It’s an invite-only system right now, so just drop me a line if you want in.

And the text-only “Pirillo’s Picks” Lockergnome newsletter? We’re going to start driving massive traffic again, mark my words. I drove over 30,000 clicks (distributed across 12 links) in the first issue – and counting.

Maybe it’s just HTML newsletters that are dead? Was plain text awesome all along? Care to go retro with me? I gotta find another 100,000 link clickers out there.

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