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Are There Musicians in Our Community?

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I was taking some live calls the other night when David Crandall called in. He said that he’s a musician, and wanted me to check out his MySpace music page. I did – and was blown completely away! Who knew we had such amazing talent right in our chat room?

His latest song took about 48 hours to write and record. He does all of the instruments and the vocals himself, including the mixing! You have to listen to it… this stuff is seriously excellent. I am honestly, literally blown away.

David uses Audacity to do the mixing, and also uses FL Studio. He forms his own synth sounds using software, as well. As we’re talking, I clicked on another one of his songs, where he’s singing. I was speechless, as was Kat.

David has serious talent, guys. Keep an eye – and an ear – on him!

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