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MSI Wind Mini Laptop Netbook Notebook Computer

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The MSI Wind Notebook that I have here in my hot little hand is very lightweight. It has the Intel Atom 1.6GHz CPU, 1GB of Ram, and a 160GB hard drive. Oh – did I mention I have the black one?

The MSI Wind offers many features that make this notebook a portable laptop PC. The 10-inch screen has a 1024 x 600 resolution, which allows you to view entire web pages while online. The Wind is also equipped with a webcam and microphone, allowing you to interact with friends, family or co-workers while on the go.

Of course, I put my Chris logo sticker on the back of it. You can grab one for yourself if you choose to have a cool-looking sticker on your netbook!

It comes with a 6-cell battery. This allows it to run for about six hours. There’s also a 9-cell available, if you need to have it run longer.

I’m pretty happy with this little Netbook. I wasn’t really in the market for one, until I read an article about a variety of Netbooks. This thing is very neat, actually. The keyboard is not full-sized, however it’s only about 20% smaller than a normal one. I don’t like the fact that keys like the period, comma and slash keys are smaller than the other keys… which makes me typo frequently. I don’t like that, as it makes me less productive.

There are many Netbooks in this price range, which all do the basics. I can get online with this one, I can do some processing with this one. It will do anything I actually need it to do. Generally speaking, I can do quite a bit for hours on end without having to charge it.

I really like the MSI Wind. It works well, and does more than I need it to do. It even sleeps well! Just shut the lid, and it’s out like a light.

So there you have it, the skinny on the new MSI Wind Netbook. Why not pick one up for yourself today?

MSI Wind Deals:

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What’s the Allure of these Netbooks?

I think I get it: these things are pretty darn tiny!

Understand, I’m completely happy with my Macbook 17″ notebook computer; even though it’s a bit heavy to lug around, it certainly gets the job done (with plenty of screen real estate to boot).

I still have my Asus Eee PC sitting here in my home office, although it’s currently not doing much more than displaying photos through Google’s photo screen saver. The system is generally underpowered for any given task beyond Web browsing or email, its keyboard is too small (even for MY fingers), and I was running out drive space after just a handful of Windows system updates. Nice, but not necessarily awesome for me. Too small.

After reading a few reviews of the MSI Wind U100, I decided to get one for myself. Apparently, they top the list of “hackintosh” netbooks, in terms of both driver AND community support. Of course, they’re still running Windows XP – an operating system that debuted almost a decade ago. A full review (video) is forthcoming, as I recorded it the other night. Verdict? Worth thinking about if you’re in the market for a netbook:

I also recommend reading the Mac OS X Netbook Compatibility Chart, and watching Running OS X on a Netbook – both of which are MSI Wind-friendly. msiwind.net appears to be the premiere community for conversations (legal or otherwise) regarding the hardware.