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Roundup of the Best iPad Apps

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I’m grateful that David Banther passed me a rather sizable iTunes gift certificate for my birthday. Since I’ve already used most of it on a few outstanding apps, I thought the least I could is show you some of my more recent purchases.

  • DrumPad – Simple but powerful and fun drum app.
  • GrooveMaker – This app is used to make music with loops, extending it to a whole new level thanks to the large screen and multi-touch surface of the iPad.
  • Amplitude – The iPad becomes the ultimate mobile guitar and bass processor with this app. Use the AmpliTube iRig interface to connect the guitar to the iPad – and you’re ready to rock out.
  • Zen Bound 2 – This app is a puzzle game where you try to wrap rope around wooden sculptures. It’s a tactile game, with focus on making rope, wood and stone look – and feel – real and believable.
  • Stair Dismount – This ragdoll simulation app features the indestructible Mr. Dismount. Push him down the stairs for maximum damage. Experience his somersaults and barrel rolls in convincing 3d physics simulation.
  • Geometry Wars Touch – This popular game is based off of the Xbox 360 game: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2. In this version of the game, you control your ship via two on-screen joysticks.
  • Shrek Karting – The popular Shrek Kart game provides you with ogre-the-top racing action, according to the developers. You can vie for the title of “Kingdom’s Fastest Kart Racer” as you speed through HD environments all over Far Far Away land.
  • Liquid Mantra – This app will relax you, soothing your jangled nerves by allowing you to interact with swirling and colorful simulated liquid. Images full of gorgeous colors and shapes appear and fade – kind of like watching clouds pass overhead in the sky.
  • All in One GameBox – You’ll find 35 popular – and addictive – games bundled into this ONE app!
  • Korg iElectribe – The iElectribe app makes sound creation easy, intuitive and fun. Choose a sound and touch the 16-step sequencer to build your groove.
  • Air Coaster – Make your own roller-coaster tracks with the easy-to-use track editor. Buckle up and ride your very own coaster in the front seat once you’ve finished your ultimate ride. If you don’t want to create your own track, you can download any one of more than ten thousand pre-built tracks.
  • Morphwiz – This app is a vertical grid-based musical instrument which gives you a new level of expressive control. You can experience with presets. If you’re a professional musician, you’ll be blown away by one of the coolest methods of controlling sound you’ve ever laid your hands on.
  • Follow Chris – This is the most awesome app ever, and I’m not biased! It allows you to easily keep track of what’s going on around our community, including RSS feeds from my blog, our Geeks community site, my Twitter account and our blogging community.
  • Marble Mixer – Different levels of play and the multi-touch functionality brings a new twist to the classic game of shooting marbles.
  • PotteryHD – Create your own beautiful pottery and fire it up in the kiln without having to lay your hands on clay – or get burned in a hot oven!

What iPad (or iPhone / iPod Touch) apps can you not live without?

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