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Why Can't I Talk in the Chat Room?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – While recording a video earlier, a chatter emailed me to ask why his messages wouldn’t appear in the chat room, and what the problem is. Well… it’s not a problem. It’s a feature we’ve had to enact.

Wicket is a good doggie. He behaves himself, so he is always voiced in the chat room at live.pirillo.com . When we record videos, we found that people would come into the chat room and cause problems. They would say inappropriate things, spam inappropriate links, or just misbehave in a way that made me have to record over. This got to be a huge waste of time. We now moderate the channel during video recording, and any time we have a spammer or anything that gets out of control.

What is moderation? Simple… enabling channel moderation means that no one without a voice (+), halfop (%), or full op (@) can chat. You can type in your client, but your messages will not show up in the channel. How can you get voiced? It’s easy, really. BEHAVE . Watch your language, be courteous and follow the channel rules.

I don’t have many channel rules. They are:

  • No repeating yourself. We see your question/comment. No one (including me) may have the answer right then, or have the time to answer. We will when and if we can!
  • Don’t post links! Tiny url links will earn you an automatic kick. Posting links to your youtube, myspace, etc can and will be considered spam. You can post links that are relevant to a conversation, such as a tutorial or help topic.
  • Turn off the caps lock! This is considered shouting, as most of you know. Talking in all caps will not get you noticed or answered faster. Quite the opposite will happen… you’ll probably get ignored by your fellow chatters, and / or kicked from the channel for repeated abuse.
  • Be NICE. Don’t be abusive or rude to other chatters. If you have a problem or disagreement with someone, that is fine. Handle yourself in an adult, civilized manner. Don’t attack anyone.
  • Explicit language is a no-no You know what this means. No profanity, nothing sexual, no racial slurs.
  • Don’t spam the bots Don’t constantly set off bot triggers, such as !rules, !register, etc. Only use them as needed. They usually trigger themselves anyway on certain keywords. When a user says “How can I register my nick?” you don’t need to do !register. The bot will pick up on it already.

Also, you should make sure you become familiar with the WyldRyde Rules as well. WyldRyde is the IRC network that hosts our live chat, and they have their own rules that must be followed in order to remain on the network. Before you ask… yes, the Constitution guarantees you the Freedom of Speech. However… WyldRyde is a private organization, and private organizations are allowed to set their own rules and standards.

You also need to make sure your nickname is registered on WyldRyde. To do this:

To register your nick type /ns register password email. Replace “password” with a unique password that you can remember and “email” with your email address. Once you have registered your nick name you will need to identify yourself every time you login to the server. To do this type, “/ns IDENTIFY password” and hit enter. If you use an IRC client, you can configure it to identify you automatically when you connect.

Last but not least, here is how you can get a Voice in the channel… and keep it!

  • Contribute with meaningful and intelligent conversation when the channel is not moderated.
  • DON’T personally attack others, flood the channel, talk in caps, use sexually explicit language, post useless links, abuse the bots, or argue with the ops.
  • Be responsible. If someone in the channel is breaking the rules, don’t encourage them. Ignore them, let the ops deal with them, and try to help steer the conversation back on topic.
  • Have a registered nick.

And there you have it… why you cannot chat during recording, and how you can become a voiced, trusted chatter!

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