LEGO Police Videos Are Yours for the Making

I’ve never been in trouble with the law – other than receiving a few speeding tickets. After watching all the cop dramas and prison exposés on television, it’s a wonder anybody would commit a crime anymore. Sure, you have a few errant “bad cops,” but most police officers are good guys (and gals).

I happened upon the LEGO Police minifigs set the other day – and I couldn’t pass it up. While I seem to have an overwhelming abundance of LEGO City minifigures, picking up four additional ones didn’t hurt. Indeed, I am quite satisfied in having paid less than ten bucks for ’em. That’s a steal! Of course, I’m not suggesting that you should steal LEGO for yourself. That’d be a crime – almost as much as it would be a crime for you to ignore the value here.

Inside, you’ll find a couple of criminals – with faces covered in painted stubble. Are they stealing money directly from an ATM? Are they hacking into the machine using their l337 skills? That’s completely up to you. You’re also welcome to swap their heads with those from the friendly forces, too – it’s LEGO, after all. If you’d rather err on the side of perfection, you can use the comic printed in the back portion of the assembly instructions to guide you.

If you ask me, the smirking cop knows something the robbers don’t. What? Maybe the dog knows:

I’m also a bit jealous that the ATV-riding policeman is looking too cool for the room (with his silvery shades and all). Actually, I’m not sure if that’s really a LEGO ATV or some other kind of four-wheeler. Our police sure don’t ride those here in Seattle! Or, maybe they do and I just haven’t done anything wrong so as to warrant the dispatch? I’m not about to find out.

LEGO Minifigs Magnet Issues

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Imagine my disappointment when I picked up a new pack of “magnet” minifigs only to discover that LEGO is now supergluing them together. There’s no logical reason they’d do this, and it seems completely counter-intuitive to the core idea of LEGO – being interlocking bricks.

I truly feel this is a very boneheaded move. I ruined a couple of utility knives trying to pry the minifigs off of the bases they were freaking glued to. What’s the point of this? I don’t want them glued to anything! I want to set them up with the rest of my collection.

What do you think about this? Should LEGO be doing this? Does anyone want their minifigs glued onto a base that you didn’t choose yourself?

LEGO Minifigs – Series 3 Set

Finally! I’ve gotten the LEGO Minifigs Series 3 collection in my hot little hands. I grabbed Series 2 back in early October, and the original set a month before that. I have admitted many times that I’m addicted to these awesome little toys – what of it?

LEGO Minifigs - Series 3 Set

How could you NOT love LEGO minifigs?