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How to Find the Best Computer Mouse

I recently uploaded a video in which I reviewed my new Microsoft Arc mouse. After the video aired, I heard from many people who claimed that Logitech mice are better – along with several other brands. So, I decided to ask some of you what mouse you prefer, and even why.

have always loved logitech meeses. But then, I’ve heard better things about Razor mice. – alphaxion

I prefer A4Tech / i have A4tech X6-20MD – DSaad69

I’ve never used a Logitech mouse so I can’t really say. I’ve liked all the Microsoft mice I’ve used though. – Daryl Burns

I have both and generally prefer Microsoft’s. – Kol Tregaskes

I like my Logitech Nano. I seem to like mice with lots of extra buttons, though. – Mark VandenBerg

I tend to prefer mice with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Ones on the thumb get activated by accident when I’m using it, their main function appears to be making me speak cursive words 😉 – alphaxion

I like my logitech, very function w/ the extra buttons ~ for Mac there’s no such thing as a good mouse – sofarsoshawn

Better for what? – Bwana

I guess it depends on what it’s for. I really like microsoft’s arc mouse; it has served me very well. – Brandon Titus

Wow, you’re the first I’ve heard with an Arc mouse Brandon… how long did it take you to get used to the form factor? – Bwana

I used Microsoft mice before I tried the Logitech G5. Love the weight customization feature and programmable buttons. – Jody is unwired

I use an Evoluent vertical mouse and I absolutely love it! http://www.amazon.com/Evoluent…April Russo

I think it’s a hand preference. I have tried logitech, and now matter how ergonomically pleasing they make them.. I still don’t like the feel. Ironically I still have an old version of Microsoft mouse that I love. – Strong One

I have better experience with the Logitech ones. – Amit Morson

razer diamondback for shape, feel, programmability and accuracy. Anything with a DPI around 1600 is ok. – Toby Graham

i LOVE microsoft mice (mouses) – andy brudtkuhl

My MS mice have always rocked – ditto their keyboards. – Soulhuntre

I have always had great luck with MS mice. but, in reality, it’s probably a Nikon vs Canon thing. They both rock, it’s a matter of personal preference. – Jason Shultz

What mouse do you prefer, and why do you love it so much?

Which is Better: A Microsoft or Logitech Mouse?

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I’ve been very happy with my Apple’s Mighty Mouse for awhile now. Before this, I had been happy with Microsoft’s line for years. When I began having trouble with the wireless mouse that came with my HP TouchSmart, I went shopping. I picked up the new Microsoft Arc Mouse. I really like this thing.

The mouse folds down to 60% of its normal size using the strong metal hinge. Folding the mouse closed automatically turns it off. It has customizable buttons, so you can enjoy your music or access your documents with just one click. There’s also a snap-in receiver… plug it into a USB port on your machine to use the mouse, and snap it back into the mouse to preserve battery life when you’re finished.

I know you’re probably thinking that the Arc just looks funny. Who would have thought that the mouse having an arch the way it does would be comfortable? It truly is, though. It forces your hand to arc naturally, and it just seems to fit. I was wary about this, to be sure. But it really just works. My pinky and ring-finger seem to just settle comfortably to the side, and it makes for a good experience.

The Arc works really well precision-wise. I never used to use the side buttons on a Microsoft mouse, because they always felt they got in my way. This one is designed a bit better with the way they integrated their side buttons.

If I have one drawback, it’s that the mouse is almost too curved. It feels good, but I think if I had to use it all the time, it may just drive me nuts. It won’t be my primary mouse though. My hand is either too small, or the Arc just arches too much compared to my usual Mighty Mouse.

There’s no way I could ever go back to a corded mouse. Cords are so yesterday – they’re just blah! Wireless USB is coming, seriously! It’s not quite there yet, but it will be.

The Microsoft Arc seems to be a good mouse, and will work well for what I need it to. It looks cool, and works well. I know a lot of people like Logitech mice, but I tend to avoid them. I don’t like their software, it just sucks. Microsoft’s software is ok with their hardware. But Logitech software with Logitech hardware is just… yeah. We’ll save that for another day.

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