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How to Find the Best Computer Mouse

I recently uploaded a video in which I reviewed my new Microsoft Arc mouse. After the video aired, I heard from many people who claimed that Logitech mice are better – along with several other brands. So, I decided to ask some of you what mouse you prefer, and even why.

have always loved logitech meeses. But then, I’ve heard better things about Razor mice. – alphaxion

I prefer A4Tech / i have A4tech X6-20MD – DSaad69

I’ve never used a Logitech mouse so I can’t really say. I’ve liked all the Microsoft mice I’ve used though. – Daryl Burns

I have both and generally prefer Microsoft’s. – Kol Tregaskes

I like my Logitech Nano. I seem to like mice with lots of extra buttons, though. – Mark VandenBerg

I tend to prefer mice with 2 buttons and a scroll wheel. Ones on the thumb get activated by accident when I’m using it, their main function appears to be making me speak cursive words 😉 – alphaxion

I like my logitech, very function w/ the extra buttons ~ for Mac there’s no such thing as a good mouse – sofarsoshawn

Better for what? – Bwana

I guess it depends on what it’s for. I really like microsoft’s arc mouse; it has served me very well. – Brandon Titus

Wow, you’re the first I’ve heard with an Arc mouse Brandon… how long did it take you to get used to the form factor? – Bwana

I used Microsoft mice before I tried the Logitech G5. Love the weight customization feature and programmable buttons. – Jody is unwired

I use an Evoluent vertical mouse and I absolutely love it! http://www.amazon.com/Evoluent…April Russo

I think it’s a hand preference. I have tried logitech, and now matter how ergonomically pleasing they make them.. I still don’t like the feel. Ironically I still have an old version of Microsoft mouse that I love. – Strong One

I have better experience with the Logitech ones. – Amit Morson

razer diamondback for shape, feel, programmability and accuracy. Anything with a DPI around 1600 is ok. – Toby Graham

i LOVE microsoft mice (mouses) – andy brudtkuhl

My MS mice have always rocked – ditto their keyboards. – Soulhuntre

I have always had great luck with MS mice. but, in reality, it’s probably a Nikon vs Canon thing. They both rock, it’s a matter of personal preference. – Jason Shultz

What mouse do you prefer, and why do you love it so much?