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Seattle Restaurant: Andaluca

It doesn’t take much to impress my palate. I’m usually content with eating leftovers, especially when Ponzi prepares ’em all mixed-up and lookin’ like a new meal. She must be hungry, because she’s been looking at food sites all afternoon (which, I suppose is better than looking at purse sites). Ponzi then announces that we’re going to Andaluca for dinner tonight. I’m thinking: “Since when did the village from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ get a restaurant?”

Seattle Magazine readers voted Andaluca “Seattle’s Best Mediterranean Restaurantâ€Â? for 1998 & 1999; Esquire Magazine ranked Andaluca as one of the 20 best restaurants in America for a solo meal; Voted Best Main Course and Best Service by “The Secret Dinerâ€Â?, NWsource.com’s independent correspondent charged with giving you the real scoop before you make dinner reservations.

We’re headed to eat there in about an hour. I hope there’s no dress code for this restaurant, because I don’t have anything to wear but jeans [which is a total lie, but they don’t know that]. I’m looking over the dinner menu and I think… Lamb Dolmas for an appetizer and Grilled Chicken Nicoise for the main course (although I could totally do without the grilled asparagus, as it really makes my pee smell funny). What are you having for dinner tonight?