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This is why the Mainstream Press is DOA

I get misquoted all the time, but… I’m pretty sure I’ve never said the following. An article on SDA Asia Magazine’s Web site (Zune Fails to Crack Top 10 in Sales) contains:

Chris Pirillo, a technology pundit said, “Clearly all the data isn’t in yet, but this definitely pushes the MP3 player out of the pocket and into the realm of social networking. The question, obviously, is what is Apple going to do about this and, as a corollary, how low Apple and Creative shares are selling as we speak? Perhaps MS could create a ‘Zune Inside’ logo for those guys? Or maybe fund a halfway house for under connected MP3 players?”

Are there any other technology pundits named Chris Pirillo out there!? I’m kinda frightened about this, actually. Have you ever had a quote attributed to you without you ever actually giving that quote in the first place? They say any publicity is good publicity, but…

Track YouTube Stats

Most YouTube emails are insipid (not all of them, mind you). I just received this YouTube message from a fellow user a few minutes ago:

I am frequent YouTube watcher and a student at UC Berkeley. As part of a project for one of my classes, I have been working on a new product idea for YouTube film makers/posters like you. The product tracks the trends in your movie viewership over time – breaking your viewership down by day, week, and month.

I have just started the service and it is a bit rough, but functional. I would *really* appreciate it if you would be willing to try it out and provide feedback to me. Mostly your feedback will help a Berkeley student with his project, but if I feel the service is valuable to you I may consider further developing the product for public use.

The site is TubeMogul – it should only take a few minutes to run thru. After you take a look, I have set up a survey to collect comments and feedback. It’s only 10 questions and they are very short and to the point.

Took me no time at all to set up and complete – instantly seeing stats for some of my more popular videos on YouTube. Nice! Certainly better than anything I had before. If you’re a YouTube user, you might give TubeMogul a shake.

I'm Not Buying a Zune!!!

d00d! I can’t wait! I’m not going to buy a Zune tomorrow! I’m going to bed early tonight so that I can get up late tomorrow (and avoid going to stores altogether, so that I can be sure that I won’t buy a Zune). Are you not buying a Zune? We can start up a club of people who aren’t buying Zunes, because if you’re not buying a Zune – you’re not alone. I can’t wait to not buy my Zune. It’s going to be awesome. Or, not awesome?

On YouTube Ratings

Hi, I’m a journalist doing a story on YouTube ratings, and I need some people for the story. How did your video get on Featured Videos? What’s the trick (catchy title, provocative first frame, etc…) Why is it important (or not) to get on Featured Videos? How did it make you feel? What’s more important to you, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Most Discussed and Featured Videos why? Have you been on Featured Videos before, and has it led to bigger and better things? Please write back asap. I need to write the story by next Thursday. Thanks!

1. I have no idea how it happened.

2. I have ideas as to why it happened.

People love watching people doing stupid things, whether or not they care to admit it. I’m not a stupid person, but I love doing stupid things that aren’t likely going to put me in harm’s way – but have a humorous element, nonetheless. Well, at least *I* think I’m funny. Sometimes. Maybe.

The safety video had been online for quite some time before it was discovered – so I’d imagine the editor found it through serindipity, and s/he pushed it to the front page. I didn’t do anything particularly amazing, so I didn’t really expect to be noticed past my first 30,000 (pre-frontpage) views.

The trick? Who knows. Do something interesting. Do something different. More than anything else? Be real.

I didn’t “feel” anything, though – I’ve been on the Internet since 1992. I’ve accomplished achievements that overshadow this honor. A front page feature on YouTube did not make me any money, it didn’t get me a deal in Hollywood, and it certainly did not “complete me.” I’m impressed that it happened, but I’m also keeping things in perspective.

Everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame – but I’d hope they’d care to make their mark in other ways. I’ve got about thirteen minutes of fame left now – and I plan on spending it wisely. Nobody from YouTube told me that it was going to happen, nobody reached out to me in an editorial capacity, and my farty-pants ego hasn’t expanded or contracted since the video was featured.

I think most users, not to mention videos, on YouTube are… insipid. Myself included. And who cares? 🙂 Really, who cares about my life – or what I do? It’s a serious question!

What’s most important to me is meeting new people who genuinely care about what I stand for and what I do. Most online “friends” aren’t. But even a front-page feature on YouTube didn’t win me any new friendships. At least, not real friendships. I don’t have real friends anymore – because they all got tired of my mime meme.

Top Rated, Most Viewed, Most Discussed and Featured Videos – take away the ratings, and all you are is a depressed narcissist. Validation should not come through awards and recogntion, but in bringing ideas to fruition. Ideas like… what would happen if you made fun of dumbass airline safety instructions that nobody listens to in the first place? My hope was that United would start using my adaptation in lieu of their original. Didn’t happen.

Life goes on.

My Profile Down the YouTube

This may get fixed at some point in the near future, but… I’ve been without my profile on YouTube for at least the past week. I can still access my account, change settings, upload videos, etc. – but nobody can see my profile. It’s not there. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. Zip. I sent a note off to YouTube support and they dismissed it with a FAQing reply. How else is someone going to know that I have videos of my dog sleeping under Ponzi’s chair? Oh YouTube, why hast thou forsaken me?

I don’t mind that YouTube is full of crap – I just want my crap to be as easily accessible as everybody else’s crap. Is that too much to ask for? Where did my profile go?!

Zune: Good and Bad

The Zune good:

  • Wireless capabilities
  • Content subscription
  • Easy media sharing
  • Plays MP4 & AAC formats
  • Microsoft-backed product
  • Forces Apple to do better
  • A unified experience

The Zune bad:

  • No podcast management
  • Another closed system
  • Completely new ecosystem
  • Not cross-platform
  • Smaller capacity than iPod 5.5G
  • New software to install
  • Yet another device to manage
  • Just launched, few accessories
  • Likely won’t dent iPod market share
  • Questionable battery life
  • Not clearly better than the iPod

The Zune needs:

  • Wireless downloading on-demand
  • Built-in DVD ripping
  • OS X port of management tool
  • Support for RSS, enclosures
  • Mini-games support (like Clix, iPod)
  • New firmware, software features every 6mos

Cancel Napster

Hey, Napster? Thanks for making it an absolute pain in the ass to cancel our account – yet another reason to abandon your service. I had to call a phone number to tell you that I wanted to quit. Why?

  • MTV’s new URGE service is far less problematic. Far less.
  • I really like the Clix, and URGE works better with it.
  • Napster’s software continues to suck.
  • You made me call a number to cancel service. I hate that. Really.
  • URGE is the future, Napster is still living in the past.

Windows Media Player 1l… is still far from impressive. Don’t swallow the hype when you see it, please? WMP11 is better than WMP10 – but “less crappy” is not an honorable benchmark. They continue to ignore user interface inconsistencies and feedback from Windows Media’s most ardent supporters – including MVPs, who were seemingly marginalized during 11’s development process.

Windows Media DRM is Corrupted

So, I’m getting ready for a trip to Colorado Springs for my future brother-in-law’s nuptuals. I figured I’d give the Clix a shot with Urge. I fire up the Windows Media Player and… blammo:

Your Windows Media DRM is Corrupted

“Your Windows Media DRM is Corrupted.” *sigh* I love DRM. It’s awesome. DRM is teh shiz. I want to make love to DRM, it’s so sexy. DRM is the ultimate. Give me more DRM. I want to spread DRM on my toast in the morning. I need DRM in my life.

Gnomedex Goes Hollywood

It hasn’t been but a week since Gnomedex 6.0 activities came to a close, but Ponzi and I have already been thinking about the next Gnomedex conference. We’ve received feedback from countless Gnomedexers, including positive reinforcement and constructive suggestions. I’ve dropped hints as to the location of Gnomedex 7, and I believe it’s safe to tell you that we’re thinking about bringing ‘er to… Hollywood. Thanks in large part to our active participants, Gnomedex has reveled in “new” media constructs for several years – so now it’s time to jump start that conversation with “traditional” media. With Dave Dederer and Ethan Kaplan leading two of our more popular sessions, and with several videobloggers asking “where’s the beef,” we’re going to take our tech roots to where they could matter most to lifestyles outside the echo chamber. We don’t have a venue (yet), we don’t have any sponsors (yet), and we don’t have a date (yet), but we do have a vision that we’d like you to share with us. As always, we’ll set the stage for a damn good time.

The Myth of the Press Pass: Busted

I apply for (and receive) press credentials for industry conferences run by large corporations – in many cases, they need help getting the word out about what happened at their event. Gnomedex isn’t like other conferences, though. Robert Scoble and Steve Broback speak the truth. While we didn’t quite lock “press” out of Gnomedex, we made it clear that we only had a limited amount of space for registered attendees – people who paid to be there. I’ve (luckily) never been faced with a situation where I had to ask: “Which person would you like me to kick out so that I might accomodate your needs?” But there’s a method to my madness, and it has most certainly paid off in terms of front-page coverage in the Seattle PI. Let me explain.
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