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Should Weed be Legal?

I admit: I’ve never smoked marijuana. Does that make me some kind of “roll” model? Some residents of California, on the other hand, are assembling signatures to put an inititave on the November ballot to legalize weed for one and all.

What strikes me as odd with this situation isn’t the legalization of a natural substance, but that California is very much anti-smoking – something I certainly appreciated when I went out to bars, restaurants, public places, etc. Here’s what my friends had to say about it:

I'll be pretty stunned if they can get 694,354 signatures in two months. Then again, I was pretty stunned when they replaced Davis with a robot designed to hunt down and kill Sarah Connor – Dan Kaplan

sooo, will outsiders be able to order it over the internet from cali? – Chris Harris

hah probably – as long as the outsider's state gets to tax the "internet purchase" without having to deal with legality 🙂 – andy brudtkuhl

well, i'm not a pothead, i just would probably get excited over doing something that was illegal for so many years. kind of like taking a shot at age 18 or something lol – Chris Harris

wow im not surprised… – Michael Garrison via twhirl

Ah, one of the things I love about California. We're just crazy out here. Wait to see if this hits the ballot. Feds would still crack down on everybody though. – Hutch Carpenter

wouldn't the next logical step be decriminalization? – Matthew Davidson via twhirl

why is the number of signatures so precise? 694,354, curious… – Chris Harris

my liking does not endorse the use of illegal drugs 🙂 ha ha…just an interesting story – Sarah Perez

"Legalize it, don't criticize it…" – Larry Kless

I have a huge pet peeve with people who use the phrase 'We hold these truths to be self-evident' without understanding what that phrase means. to quote from the link: "We also hold these truths to be self-evident-That, as an intoxicant, marijuana is far less harmful to the health and safety of the People than alcohol…" 'Self-evident' means axiomatic: that it should be seen as true without requiring proof or substantiation. To say that the health risks of something should be seen as 'self-evident' is absurd. Cite the facts and the studies, rather than saying 'it's so obvious that we're right that we don't need to state how we know.' And please stop cribbing quotes from the Declaration of Independence because you think it makes you sound more legitimate. It doesn't. – Kevin Fox

I guess that would make them a Green state then, huh? 😉 – Mathew A. Koeneker

Yeah if they had legized that darn thing in the 60' then the hardcore stuff may not have trickled in.. right now the problem is not weed. its Crack.meth, cheese and heroin. Addicts should be dragged off the streets and throw into rehab and dealers should be given 10 yr sentence min for possession of 1gm . Tthereafter 1yr for each additional gram of shit they are caught with. I have yet to hear a case, where a weed smoker has gone and killed some1 money to get more weed to smoke ! – Peter Dawson

I lived in California for a few years, but I don’t know if I could ever find myself a California citizen again. SF was too expensive, LA was too hot and overcrowded, and every other place wasn’t SF or LA (seemingly too remote). Even if this were to attain 694,354 signatures by September, 5, 2008 – I wouldn’t find myself any more or less compelled to move back. And even if I did move back, I wouldn’t necessarily inhale.

Why Isn't Marijuana Legal?

Let me get this straight, America:

  • It’s perfectly fine to sell alcohol to adults
  • It’s perfectly fine to sell tobacco to adults
  • It’s perfectly fine to market “pharmaceutical” drugs to anybody
  • It’s perfectly fine for us to consume mass amounts of caffeine
  • It’s perfectly fine to put trans fats in products
  • It’s perfectly fine for us to get our kids addicted to sugar

…but marijuana still isn’t legal?

Give me a freakin’ break man. Are we still living in the early 1900s here?! If the evening news was full of videos like the following, I’d certainly be tuning in a helluva lot more (and maybe, just maybe, light up my first MarcCanter doobie in the process):