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Why Don't Globes Glow in the Dark?

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Tell me. What exactly can a globe do other than show you where land masses and bodies of water are located? Oh, right. It can spin around. I forgot that part. Seriously though, can’t it do anything cool?!

The Celestial Globe from ThinkGeek is WAY cool. Not only is it a standard run-of-the-mill globe that sits on your desk… it glows in the dark. And while it’s glowing in the dark… it changes from world map to celestial map. That’s right. You’ll get a map of all of the constellations! How cool is that?!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an omniscient and omnipotent being floating high above the world you rule over? It would be wonderful to be in full control over everything, instead of being stuck listening to the commands of your boss and your other boss and your other other boss. Well, while we can’t give you such powers, we can provide a nice bit of daydream fuel. The Celestial Globe is a beautiful addition to your desk. Stare over it and pretend it is the world that you and only you control.

And get this: the people living on your planet (which strangely resembles Earth) have a surprise for you. When the lights go off, they set off a bajillion fireworks in your honor. It’s true – turn off the lights and the photosensor turns on a brilliant blue, LED-lit map of the constellations. And not just points of light, but with graphical representations and labels. You must be a very benevolent deity to get such adoration. We’re proud of you.

This awesome little gadget globe is available on ThinkGeek for only $40.00. I’m tellin ya… you want one of these.

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New Google Earth Beta

It’s out, but I’m very sad to report that the new version of Google Earth is still calling on Arial as the default Window UI font (not the internal 3D mapping font, which is fine). Why do developers insist on using this instead of Tahoma (or Segoe UI, in the case of Windows Vista)?! Sorry, Google – if this is your first beta of v4.0, you’re already failing miserably in my book.

I posted more about this in tonight’s report, You Live on Google Earth – including stating that this really is a tremendous app that has amazing potential, but I just refuse to look past something as simple as using Arial as the default font in the non-3D experience. At least Google Talk allows you to change the font throughout the entire app!

I am sick and tired of playing the UI heavy around here. Would someone smack the appropriate person over at Google and tell ’em to get their app act together? It’s great that they’re acquiring great software left-and-right, but it’s not great that they’re not conforming to a single user experience. I’ve given Microsoft hell for this – but they certainly don’t have a monopoly on inconsistent software experiences. I catch hell for stating that Google Earth is still calling on Arial throughout their entire Windows UI (non-nav) – but I’m not going to sit here and say that their software is amazing just because it’s free and it comes from them (Google). It doesn’t look like Google Talk, it doesn’t look like the Google Toolbar, it doesn’t look like Google SketchUp, it doesn’t look like Google Picasa… none of these freakin’ apps look like the other!!! I’d accept that from a startup company, but Google rakes in big bucks and can afford to spend some time on spit and polish. They’re not, and I find that beyond forgivable. I expect better from Google.