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iPhoto 11 Review

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Out of the entire iLife suite, iPhoto is likely the app that’s most frequently used. I’d have to say, these improvements are most welcomed. Then again, when are software improvements admonished? There are several noticable changes, including the Facebook integration:

To share photos to Facebook in the new iPhoto ‘11, users simply highlight the photos, click “Share” at the bottom of the screen, and select Facebook from among other choices including email and Flickr. Users don’t have to create a new album, and can instead choose to post to their wall, the wall of a friend, or make the photo their profile picture.

Printing books and cards has been improved. Books now use better application logic to decide how to lay out pictures, using the key photo from the iPhoto album for the cover and grouping together pictures that were taken at the same time and in the same place.

Apple is also now letting users create letterpress cards. These cards are made using the letterpress printing process which is pretty cool. You can take advantage of several different awesome new themes to create them, or do any number of other things within iPhoto ’11.

What are your favorite new features?

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What are Your Predictions for the Next OS X Version?

On Wednesday, Apple issued invitations to the press for an event on Wednesday October 20, 2010 at 10PM PST. Named “Back To the Mac,” the invitation shows an Apple logo slightly rotated with a lion lurking behind it. The lion image was plenty of clue that there will be a new operating system to Apple’s cat themed operating system. As MG Sigler puts it: “There are a few big cats left that Apple could have chosen from, but they’re going with Lion, the king of the jungle. To me, this means they intend this version of OS X to be big.”

If this upgrade is as big as we are expecting… what do you think we’ll see? Will there be major changes to the overall UI? What new features could possibly hidden inside this newest gem?

Don’t forget to stop by our software center today.

A New Parallels Mac Download – for Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

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On the heels of Parallels 6 being launched, the team behind the software today announced their new offering in itunes: the Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac Mobile App. The app will allow users of Parallels 6 or Parallels 6 Switch to Mac to use their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to access and use Windows applications running on a Mac. This can be done from any network at any time.

If you have a copy of Parallels 6.0 or higher and have registered for an account, you can download the app for absolutely nothing. Load it up on your Apple mobile device of choice and access your virtual machine remotely. As you can imagine, you can pinch and zoom your way through each screen to get to where you need to be!

You can adjust various controls to optimize the visualizations as need be. Suspend, pause or shut down your virutal machine at home from your iPhone while you’re on the go. All of the normal functionality you have come to expect from Parallels are found in this new app.

This is pretty impressive, if you ask me. You know how often you end up needing something from your machine at home while you’re on the road or at the office. Parallels is now helping make it a snap for you to grab your files and go. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Parallels 6

Parallels 6 is being released on September 14th to much fanfare and blowing of Vevuzelas. Wait… I’m still hearing echoes of those in my head. Real Networks was a sponsor during Gnomedex a few weeks ago, and they were kind enough to give one of those lovely little noisemakers to each conference attendee. The Parallels team was also on hand, giving away one heck of a lot of software to every person in Bell Harbor.

This new version has more than 80 new and improved features, including a speed increase over the last version of about 40%! Some of the new features you will be salivating over include:

  • A 64-bit engine to take advantage of the Mac’s power.
  • 5.1 surround sound which lets you immerse yourself completely in games, music, videos and movies.
  • Capability to extend Mac OS X Parental Controls to your Windows applications.
  • Use your OS X keyboard shortcuts to make all Windows programs work the way YOU want them to.
  • Choose how much Mac and Windows you want with simple profiles each time you set up a new virtual machine.

Some of the enhancements and improvements are significant, as well:

  • Find your Windows programs faster with Spotlight integration.
  • This version allows you to launch Windows 2.5 times faster than any other solution.
  • Enhanced 3D graphics are better by far than older versions.
  • Enjoy better control by managing Windows through Spaces and Expose.
  • There is much-improved network, hard drive and Transporter performance.

Are you looking forward to upgrading your version of Parallels?

Parallels Makes the Switch to Mac a Simple Process

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Not long ago, one of our community members received a Macbook from me as a gift. UncleJohn has been a member of our corner of the world for many years, and has been helping me convert and process my videos for a long time. He does this on his own time, as a volunteer, simply because he loves what we do. When his old Windows machine died, I had to help him out. Once our friends at SwitchToMac heard this story, they knew they wanted to help. They sent him everything he needed to make THE switch to Mac – and UncleJohn couldn’t be happier.

Using Parallels, the transfer was as smooth and easy as you could ever hope for. UncleJohn didn’t have to learn anything new, he didn’t have to attempt to read a long manual in order to figure things out… he just did what needed to be done.

SwitchToMac is also going to be posting a new batch of tips from my latest eBook (full of Mac user tips for everyone from beginners to experts!) on their site every Monday. SwitchToMac visitors who re-tweet the link to the latest tips story or post your own tip on their Facebook page will be entered to win one of two Magic Trackpads at the end of this promotion!!

To enter the Twitter contest, simply send the following tweet:

Watch @ChrisPirillo switch Uncle John to Mac & RT for chance to win @ParallelsMac #SwitchtoMac www.lgno.me/ac49KW

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100 Mac Tips

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If you’re switching from Windows to Mac OS X, I thought I’d help get you started with my top 100 Mac tips. If you’re sticking with Windows, fine – I released the Windows eBook earlier this year (and I hope you scored a copy).

Every day, I get asked questions related to “making the switch.” I just figured this was an easier way to get you the information you needed. The eBook has no DRM attached to it, and sells for only five bucks. I can almost guarantee that you’ll pick up at least one tip that you didn’t already know about.

I live inside of both Windows and Mac OS X. Do you?

If you do get a copy, please post your review as either a comment here or video response – I’d love to hear what you think about its value to you, either as a new Mac user or as someone who communicates with new Mac users on a regular basis.

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Is Apple Helping to Fuel the War in the Congo?

Actress and activist Brooke Smith and cinematographer Steven Lubensky teamed up with actors Josua Malina and John Lehr to create a Mac vs PC ad that will set the record straight. Electronics companies don’t want you to know about the “conflict minerals” that are used in their devices, and which help fuel the war in the Congo. This is the deadliest war in the world, and you as a consumer can help put an end to it.

RAISE Hope for Congo is an ongoing educational and outreach effort. The effort works to protect and empower Congolese women and girls through education, raising awareness and building a movement and influencing policy change.

It is not surprising if you didn’t know that your favorite Apple gadgets — your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac — are linked to the conflict engulfing the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo today and for the past dozen years. Most people don’t know – which is in part why the war in Congo has gone on for so long.

Essential parts of our electronic devices are made from minerals found in eastern Congo. Tin, tantalum, tungsten — the 3Ts — and gold serve such necessary functions as making our cell phones vibrate or helping our iPods store electricity.

So we tend to think that our new iPhone came from the Mac store down the street or our new digital camera originated from an online camera store. But as you see in our video, the problem arises with all the components inside.

You can help end the violence by educating yourself and helping to spread the word.

Getting a New Mac Mini

Faizal from Malaysia writes:

I’m very excited that Apple has introduced a new Mac Mini which I consider very good in terms of specification and price. So, I decided to buy this new Mac Mini as my first Mac PC. The main reason I like Mac Mini because of its form factor. I’m a Windows PC user and with this new Mac Mini, I hope I can experience myself with Mac computers and Mac OS X.

The only problem I have for now is the monitor. I found that Mac LCD monitors are too expensive if compared to other brands. I can’t afford to buy an Apple LCD monitor since it is out of my budget. So, my questions: (1) Can I use an LCD monitor from another brand, and (2) What are the main advantages to using Apple-brand monitors for Mac systems.

I saw today’s Mac Mini update, too!

Indeed, for the quality hardware combined with a tiny physical footprint, the Mac Mini is a great first Mac for anybody. My only wish is that they’d soon migrate to the iX series of Intel processors (dropping the Core 2 Duos altogether).

If you’re a new Mac user (or someone switching from Windows), I have my 100 Mac Tips eBook available to help give you a leg up on what you’ll soon discover in Mac OS X. I’d suggest it not just because I wrote it, but because I’ve been there myself. I live in between Windows and Mac OS X (and definitely a better geek for that).

Apple has done an absolutely wonderful job at causing people to believe that their products are only compatible with their other products. This, my friend, is NOT the case. You can connect any monitor to the Mac Mini that your little Malaysian heart desires (although, you may need to get an adapter – depending on which ports you’re connecting). That’s good news – reuse what you’ve already got!

Moreover, the only reason you’d want to get an Apple LCD monitor at this point is… if you like looking at the Apple logo. That’s about it.

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New Apple Mac Mini Beefed up Under the Hood

Desktop fans received a bit of love today from Apple: the new Mac Mini has been unveiled. It is certainly a gorgeous little piece of equipment, and it appears to have been hitting the company gym during redesign. The system is much beefier than previous versions, packing a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 2GB of RAM, and a 320GB hard drive. The machine also includes an SD card reader and “doubled” graphics performance due to the NVIDIA GeForce 320M chip.

You’ll be happy to note that the new Mac Mini also finally includes HDMI-out capability. You’ll be able to use the device as your media center at long last. The power supply is completely inside of the machine meaning no more cumbersome power brick. The bottom slides off of the slick aluminum unibody design so that you can easily upgrade your RAM at any point.

Pricing starts at just $699, and the new lineup even includes a new Mac mini Snow Leopard server that you can grab (beginning at $999). Best of all, Apple claims that with “twice the graphics performance, the new Mac mini is still the world’s most energy efficient desktop. The new Mac mini reduces power consumption by an incredible 25 percent to less than 10W at idle, less than half the power required by competing systems. Mac mini meets Energy Star 5.0 requirements and achieves EPEAT Gold status.”

I’ve been fairly happy with my little Mac Mini for quite some time now. It powers the live stream from its place on a shelf beneath my desk. However, there have been issues at times in the past. When pushing out so much on a continual basis it tends to get tired once in a while. Perhaps it is time to upgrade in the near future.

What are your thoughts about the new Mac Mini? Is this the latest “must-have” on your list, or are you going to bypass the urge to buy?

Walgreens Reverses DNA Test Kit Decision

Just a few days ago, Walgreens announced they would sell genetic-testing kits that can tell people whether they’re likely to get breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, become obese or suffer from a range of other maladies. The FDA spoke up against this idea, along with a host of other people and organizations. Tests such as these are not necessarily 100% accurate. FDA spokeswoman Karen Riley issued a statement saying that “The claims have limitations based on existing science, and consumers should not be making important medical and lifestyle decisions based on these tests without first consulting a health-care professional.”

Today, the popular chain store agreed with the FDA and reversed their decision to sell the kits. Dr. Stephen St. Jeor is a professor of microbiology and immunology who has weighed in on this issue, and helped to change the company’s mind. He says there are genetic markers for many diseases. However, most people would need a professional to interpret the results from tests such as the one Walgreens had planned to sell. Dr. St. Jeor worries that results could scare you into thinking you’re headed towards a bout with a deadly disease, when the information might not even be 100 percent accurate.

What are your thoughts? Would you trust a home DNA kit to give you accurate results that you could easily understand – and use to help you make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle?

You don’t need a test kit to help determine what the best software is for your machine.