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Where Should I Blog?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Should a new blogger go it on their own, or should they join a blogging network? There is no right or wrong answer to this. The best option depends largely on your expectations, wants and needs..

A blog is a platform to communicate ideas, whether personal or professional (or anything in between). There are advantages and disadvantages to both going out on your own as a blogger, and becoming part of a blogging network such as Lockergnome.com. Let’s take a look at the various aspects of each type:

Advantages of going your own route:

  • You can buy a domain name of your choosing, using a service such as GoDaddy. Be sure and use the coupon code chris1 at checkout to receive a discount!
  • You can choose your own blogging software and templates. There are many types available for free use.
  • You can change the look/feel/direction of your blog on a whim. You are the “boss” so to speak, so you can do whatever you like with your blog at any given moment.

Disadvantages of going your own route:

  • Your blog and content needs to stand out, but can easily get lost. If you’re wanting to write about something specific, chances are someone else already is, as well.
  • In order to be noticed, you have to be fresh, unique, and different. This can become difficult very quickly to an inexperienced blogger.
  • It’s not an easy task to learn how to properly use key words, catergories and even meta tags to get your blog indexed by the various search engine spiders.

Advantages of becoming part of a blogging network:

  • You are reliant on someone else when it comes to blog promotion, cross-promotion, and the like. This completely removes the task of getting your word “out there” from your hands.

Disadvantages of becoming part of a blogging network:

  • You may or may not own your content
  • You may or may not have a url that you can actually share

As you can see, there truly is no “right way” to blog. When you are ready to joing the blogging world, decide what your goals are, and then make your blog type choice based on your personal needs.

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Best Conference T-Shirt Ever

Okay, you know how most conference t-shirts suck? They’re splashed with sponsor logos and no fun to wear on Casual Fridays. Who really cares that you were at “Fast Food Fest ’99”?! I have a million and one of those types of t-shirts in my closet, and they all get thrown into the “donate to Goodwill” pile at the end of the year. Sorry, but I’m not interested in being a walking NASCAR chassis. Last year, we got a little geeky with the “Feed Me” shirt. This year, we’re totally stylin’ with a shirt that says it all without saying anything:

Gnomedex 6 T-Shirt (Male)

Cast a casual glance, and you’ll see nothing more than a hot paisley design on a black t-shirt. Look closer, and you’ll actually find a few alphanumeric characters spelling out the word G-N-O-M-E-D-E-X-6. There’s even a couple of unobtrusive Lockergnome logos thrown in there for good measure. That’s it – total black on the back. If you don’t think these are the best conference t-shirts ever, I’d like to see one less annoying (as in, completely devoid of sponsor logos). Our sponsors understand why we do this – and they all love us for it. My guess is that many Gnomedexers will wear the t-shirt well after the event. Oh, and we’ll have some extras for sale (including fitted t-shirts made for the female figure).

Why is it Called Gnomedex?

So, why is it called Gnomedex, anyway? As “pointed” out by the recent entry in the YPN blog, And Don’t Forget Your Pointy Hat, we have our reasons:

“What’s the opposite of COMDEX?â€Â? asks Web entrepreneur and Lockergnome.com founder, Chris Pirillo (see Polls, at right). “Gnomedexâ€â€?something small that’s really big, something people want to attend instead of being mandated to attend, something where everybody gets treated like a VIP.â€Â?

Before the question changes to another, you might try your hand at YPN’s current poll (found in the sidebar on their main page). Why is Chris Pirillo’s website called “LockerGnomeâ€Â? and his conference, “Gnomedex?â€Â? The real answer will surprise you:

· Chris’s favorite book is “Gnomesâ€Â? by Wil Huygen and Rien Poortvliet.
· Chris’s favorite Disney movie is “The Gnome Mobile.â€Â?
· Chris’s high school senior nickname was “Gnome.”
· Chris is originally from Nome, Alaska.
· Chris prefers GNOME to KDE in Linux.
· Chris wears tall, pointy hats when he’s in Internet chat rooms.
· Chris was arrested for stalking Noam Chomsky in 2001.
· Chris wants to go where “Gnome man has gone before.”
· Chris was a German Folklore major in college.
· Chris won the Midwestern Gardening Open Championship in 1998.

What’s your guess?

Web 2.0: I Told You So

I love to say it: I told you so. Many moons ago, I exclaimed that “Web 2.0” was nothing more than a conference. Today, I’ve been proven right to a fault. It was just a matter of time before this came and bit all the “Web 2.0” evangelists in the ass. Not Web 2.0 evangelists for O’Reilly’s conference, but “Web 2.0” evangelists for the ethereal movement (which I have oft referred to as a renaissance).

As has been stated by both Dave Winer and Jason Calacanis, Tim and his partners were 110% justified in protecting their conference brand. Anybody and everybody who holds a trademark on something profitiable (or, as is the case for O’Reilly, ungodly profitable) understands and supports the decision that was made – not necessarily in how it was handled, but certainly the reasoning behind it. I respect Tim’s personal and professional position in the matter, having a few not-quite-as-profitable brands of my own to protect. Anybody who’s ever owned a trademark [read: profitable brand] should wholly understand. That’s the kicker, underscored by Dave’s editorial: O’Reilly is NOT a non-profit organization.

I highly doubt that anybody’s ever going to take the word “Gnomedex” and use it for their own conference (it’s just not generic enough a term). However, if someone came along and used that title for their own conference, for-profit or non-profit, I would likely want to be involved at some level – because that’s a brand that Lockergnome has fostered for six years running. We don’t have a team of lawyers, and we’ve yet to strike a deal with any major conference organizers, but the onus is on us to protect that which is so closely associated to our revenue model(s).

If you read your history books, you’ll see that Tim O’Reilly spoke at Gnomedex III (the terms “blog” and “RSS” were just starting to creep into popular conscousness). We’ve exchanged a few emails since then, including around a false rumor I propogated and subsquently (publicly and privately) apologized for. I don’t think I would have handled this situation any differently than he did.

And if you still believe that “Web 2.0” (the ethereal movement) is all about openness and interconnectivity, you’ve got yet another thing coming. Your favorite “Web 2.0” (the ethereal movement) applications are still walled gardens – to the nth degree. Web 2.0, the conference, belongs to O’Reilly and CMP. Web 2.0, the ethereal movement, doesn’t exist. How O’Reilly / CMP chooses to define and protect their conference is completely up to them – and the blogosphere’s interpretation of what’s happening inside this ethereal movement should not be confused with the conference which O’Reilly is producing.

Warning to All BlogWare Users

I’ve been waiting over a week to hear back from BlogWare support on a request to retrieve my files from their system. They do provide FTP access for a small set of files, but not all of them. You see, when you upload an image, it gets stored in the _photos directory. When you upload any other file through an entry form, it gets placed in the _attachments directory. Both of these directories are virtual. I was able to get all the images out of the _photos “directory” through spidering the site, but I still can’t get the files in the _attachements “directory.” Asking TuCows to do this for me is tantamount to asking Steve Jobs for the source code to OS X. If BlogWare isn’t going to give me access to my files, I’m going to have to find some other way to get ’em. If any of you care to spider chris.lockergnome.net and grab all the files in the _attachments “directory, be my guest – and let me know where you put ’em so that I can get ’em from you (as my spidering efforts don’t seem to be effective for that virtual location). If you’re going to become a BlogWare user, understand that you may face the same problem at some point, too (or already have).