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Which Brown Shoes Should I Wear Tonight?

Which Brown Shoes Should I Wear Tonight

This weekend is one of the biggest in the fashion industry. Cities all over the country will be celebrating with Fashion’s Night Out events, including Seattle. Yours truly has been asked to be a VIP red carpet walker – arm candy, if you will. There are numerous activities going on tonight in any number of locations during the Seattle Fall Fashion celebration.

You’ll find parties, prizes, games, discounts, entertainment and some of the best food you’ll eat anywhere if you come and hang out with us tonight. I’ll be dressed to the nines. Well, I’ll be dressed, at least. Hopefully I choose the right shoes to go with my outfit. I’m told that shoes make the outfit. Why does coordinating everything have to be so difficult?

The Only Needle I Don't Fear: Seattle Space Needle LEGO

The Only Needle I Don't Fear: Seattle Space Needle LEGO

I am afraid of heights. That fact has been established on more than one occasion. I also don’t much care for needles. Let’s face it: they’re a pain in the ass. We’ve also established that I adore my LEGO creations. What could be more amazing than being able to have a needle that I’m not afraid of… without having to go up a bajillion flights of stairs?

The Seattle Space Needle LEGO kit is a fairly detailed replica of the original landmark. It comes with a little book that will give you a peek inside of the design and history of the structure. This awesome little desk ornament only measures about 8.7″ tall and 3.1″ wide. It doesn’t take up much space here in my office. That’s a good thing, considering all of the other LEGO things sitting around in here.

I’m starting to think I need a bigger office. What do you think?

Guess What I Have? Halo Reach!

Halo Reach

Your eyes are not deceiving you! I have a review copy of Halo:Reach in my possession, and I cannot wait to put it to the test this weekend. I know – you’re exceedingly jealous right now. You’ve been telling me all day on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve even gotten a couple of “OMG I HATE YOU! NO FAIR!” emails. It’s okay, though, I can handle the heat. At the end of the day, I get to sit down with my Xbox 360 and enjoy the goodness inside of this box.

In Halo: Reach players will be experiencing the moments leading up to the Halo legend. This version is the story of Noble team. They’re a squad of Spartan soldiers. The story tells of their final stand on the planet Reach – humanity’s last line of defense between the Covenant and Earth. This story is said to be much darker than previous releases. It has grittier visuals set in jaw-dropping environments. The characters, enemies and environments are rendered in what is said to be “amazing” detail. We’ll see about that the first time I sit down to play.

Are you one of the masses who are anxiously awaiting the release of this game? What are your thoughts on the reviews and write-ups you’ve seen so far? Keep your eyes open for my review coming soon!

Avatar Serendipity

Avatar Serendipity

My Facebook profile picture is looking at @SeattleWineGal’s Twitter status update with great interest. I just thought it was too funny not to snap and archive for posterity.

I change my personal Facebook profile picture regularly, but I just might keep this one for a little while longer. That particular face of mine was snapped at a recent Chic Meets Geek event. I was mugging for the camera.

Go figure.

Yes, this was a live screen shot of the Yahoo TV widgets on my Samsung TV that I just blogged about.

Twitter TV

Twitter TV

After entering my credentials, it took me ten minutes to bang this out on the remote control and virtual keyboard. It would have taken half that time if I hadn’t pressed the wrong key and the stupid widget software was intelligent enough to save a draft.

As far as I’m concerned, the Internet widgets on Samsung TVs are a total #FAIL.

World's Biggest Windows Phone 7 Device

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You won’t be able to get ahold of your own Windows Phone 7 device. I, however, am lucky enough to have one I can play with right now. The screen is ginormous… way bigger than that of my iPhone 4. It fits easily into your pocket, too – as long as you have seriously large pockets.

According to those in the know, Windows Phone 7 is going to completely change the game when it comes to productivity on our mobile devices. That’s a pretty high standard to set. I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out for myself later in the year.

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