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IRC Chat Safety and Security

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – Ted asks “How safe is the chat room? I mean can anyone in the room somehow access someone else’s computer? Is there a website that explains chat rooms and has all the commands listed to do the various things I’ve seen?”

My live chat is located on WyldRyde.org. WyldRyde is just one of many different IRC networks… but of course, we think it’s the best one. The people there are friendly and fun, and the staff are second to none. Many of them even hang out with us in our channel, talking the tech talk and having a good time.

When you’re on IRC, you’re as secure as you want to be. Don’t give out any personal information you don’t want others to know. In this video, I stated that your IP address could be found out by other chatters. Once I was finished recording and went back to listen, I realized I had spoken incorrectly. Yes, I made a mistake. It’s bound to happen at least once in every millenium. WyldRyde masks every chatter’s IP address, so it is not available to others.

Use a firewall, and a router if possible. Follow standard Internet safety practices. Keep in mind that most viruses that can be spread via IRC are done so with a link. Don’t click on links given to you in chat rooms or private messages, unless you are certain about the site you would be going to. If in doubt about someone who you think may be trying to send you to a bad site, you can always join the WyldRyde help channel. To do this, type /join #help into your window, and hit the enter key. You’ll still be connected to my channel, and also now to the #Help channel.

Each IRC network has its own commands. You can view a complete list of WyldRyde commands on their website. As a basic chatter in someone else’s channel, most of the commands you would need are called NickServ comands. These allow you to choose a nickname and register it for free, so that no one else can ever use that name. It allows you to group several nicks together, so that all of them are then registered to you. Other commands you may find useful are the User commands. These cover a wide variety of topics and situations, so take your time reading through them.

I know that some of the chatspeak you will see may be confusing to you. LOL is commonly typed to mean “laughing out loud”. No Dad… that doesn’t mean Lots of Love, though I suppose it could. There are several websites where you can learn chatspeak. Spikes and YourHTMLSource are both good starting points.

IRC can be a great way to make friends, meet like-minded people, and have a good time. Be careful, and you’ll be just fine. Come by and see us any time! You can join us using SC_Thor’s Flash chat applet right on live.pirillo.com, or you can check out WyldRyde’s list of IRC Clients. Be sure to read the WyldRyde Rules and check out the FAQs.

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