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Popularity Crashes Cubeduel

Cubeduel is a hot new website which allows you to pick and choose your favorite coworkers. The site relies on LinkedIn connections to present choices for your consideration. It can be a lot of fun to vote someone up or down – and even addicting in some cases. However, the service gained popularity so quickly that it couldn’t sustain the amount of traffic being driven its way.

According to LinkedIn’s Director of Communications, “The application was using our open LinkedIn Developer Platform, which has a daily access limit that is publicly documented. Our developer platform limits are designed to protect our members, and have been in place since the platform program was introduced a year ago.”

The team at LinkedIn is reportedly working with Cubeduel to iron things out between the two sites so that all of you can get back to voting people up and down.

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Are You Still Using MySpace?

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Seb asked me in chat recently if I actually use MySpace. I have an account there, yes. I actually even receive tens of visitors there each month. I admit that I really don’t even USE the site. Do you?

From all appearances, it seems as though MySpace has turned into almost a joke. They are working hard to rebrand the site and turn it into something unique that people will want to use again. However, I just don’t see it happening. When they first came up with the customizable pages, everyone loved it. We could make our pages look however we wanted… until it got out of control. Everywhere you look there are blinky things, strange graphics and comment pictures. It’s overload of a very bad kind, and people who actually care about such things seem to be the only ones using the site still.

Everyone I talk to who takes part in social media profile sites is on Facebook. LinkedIn is ranked up there as another site people feel the need to have a complete profile on. If I mention MySpace, I get strange looks or outright cynical snorts.

What are your thoughts? Are you still using MySpace?

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TweetDeck Helps You Manage Your Social Stream

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Matthew has created a screencast to walk you through setup of the free TweetDeck application. TweetDeck runs off of Adobe Air, and is an excellent program to help you manage your social stream. You can add your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, FourSquare, Google Buzz and MySpace profiles. Mix and match to have any (or all) of those accounts right in one easy-to-use application.

Using TweetDeck, you can tweet like one of the pros. Customize your Twitter experience in the program by using columns, groups, saved searches and automatic updates. You can tweet, share photos and videos and send links directly from the application – without ever having to log in to the web UI.

When you connect sites such as Facebook and MySpace to your TweetDeck application, you can update your status, share photos and videos, leave someone a comment and even group your friends. Add groups to follow only the people you want to see updates from, keeping your TweetDeck interface nice and tidy.

Thanks, Matt, for another excellent screencast!

What desktop application do you use to keep track of your social stream?

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Social Media Questions and Answers

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‘Social Media’ is the phrase of the day. Many of us were doing things socially online long before the term was even coined. No one can seem to decide what, exactly, social media really IS, anyway. Craig sent a series of questions to me from Scotland, asking five questions about social media. I thought it would be fun to record my answers as a video. Also, by having them out there this way, hopefully more people will be able to learn something – instead of only Craig! I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts and ideas. If you don’t agree with one of my answers, go ahead and leave a follow-up comment to tell us what you think!

  • What are the advantages, as you see it, for social media experts engaging through social media activity? – The advantages are that they can connect with other people. You’re sharing, collaborating and communicating about thoughts, ideas and anything you can think of. People are going to be talking whether or not you are a part of it. Don’t miss out on getting your two cents in.
  • What advice would you have for a social media expert looking to break into the world of social media engagement? – That’s a good question, honestly. You could be a social media expert just by signing up for Twitter, right? That’s what many people seem to think, anyway. My advice is that if you happen to be an expert in your field is to just sign up for an account and jump in. You want to tread water at first. Don’t go in thinking that you own the Universe. Just…. DO IT already! Join in the conversation!
  • What damage can be done to a brand if the social media engagement isn’t properly executed? – When I’m frustrated with a product or service that I’m using and something goes wrong, I tend to talk loudly about it. Keep in mind that I’m only talking about things I’ve paid for. People who complain about free things are just not even cool. Anyway, if you pay for something, you deserve to have your voice heard. For a brand that isn’t listening to what their customers are saying… shame on them. They’re playing on the sidelines. There really is no excuse for companies these days to NOT be on Twitter and the like. They need to be where the conversations are happening. They need to listen!
  • How do you see the social media environment evolving in the future? – The future is pancake media! Seriously, perhaps it will be bamboo media! Okay, okay… social media will be known as something else. However, it will still be the same thing. People will still be talking online, engaging each other in conversations. We will still network on websites, even if they have names other than Twitter or Facebook. There will be more services and ways to track what is going on. Social media is in this constant state of evolution, which is very cool to see!
  • If you could change anything about the social media landscape as it is currently seen, what would it be? – I wish there was certification! We throw about the word “expert” a lot. However, most of those who label themselves as an expert truly are NOT. There needs to be a bar set, which would be the base level of expertise. You cannot call yourself an expert… someone else has to! There are so many “social media experts” running around on the web. There needs to be accountability!

The bottom line is to just jump in and get started. A few of the nay-sayers may try to claim I’m just a flash in the pan. Well, I’m a flash in the pan that’s now lasted online for twelve years! I am by no means an expert at anything. However, I’ve learned a lot over the years. I do know about some of the things that work, and many that don’t!

What are YOUR thoughts?

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MySpace Tom is Not Your Friend

Back in the “old days”, MySpace cofounder Tom Anderson was the first friend that anyone had when joining MySpace. As the site underwent many changes over the past few years, Tom’s role has continued to decrease. Nine months ago, much of the founding team were released from their positions. Tom, however, was kept on the payroll. His role as President was taken away, though, and given to Mike Jones and Jason Hirschhorn. Tom’s role seemed to be that of morale officer, or even mascot. That is apparently changing now, as well.

If you take a look, Tom hasn’t even signed in to MySpace since the end of January. The last time he posted a status update was on Christmas Day, 2009. Does this mean he’s on the way out? Not in and of itself, it doesn’t. More compelling evidence, though, is the fact that poor Tom is no longer the first friend a new user to the site will receive. That dubious honor now belongs to the MySpace Today account.

You’re probably sitting there laughing right about now, aren’t you? After all, any good geek knows that MySpace has been on the way out for a very long time. We’ve adopted much better social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. How many of you even still have MySpace accounts? If you do… when was the last time you actually USED it?

In my opinion, there will need to be one heck of a lot of changes made before MySpace is taken seriously by the community again. It has been ridiculed for far too long, and seems to aim only at teenagers with nothing better to do than redecorate their “Space”, or get into e-Fights with each other. That’s all I tend to see when I visit the site, anyway.

What are your thoughts? What could the MySpace team possibly do to entice you to want to start using the site more often? Is it possible for them to climb out of the hole they’ve fallen in to?