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And Geek Said: Let There Be Light!

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To start off this video, I threw out some trivia questions to my chat room. I have the new Aurora Palette made by a company called Banpresto out of Japan. This is a very cool and fun gadget – and even includes glowing lights!!! This is a relaxing interior light that projects an aurora-like light on the ceiling or wall. Along with the colors, it also wavers as if it were a real aurora. It includes a timer function for 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes and works for about twenty hours with four AA batteries.

Banpresto has come up with a way to project the beautiful Northern Lights right on your own ceiling. The Aurora Palette projects an “aurora borealis-like” lighting effect onto your walls or ceiling that will supposedly create a relaxing mood in the room. The projector head can even be angled and swiveled for aiming where the light show hits.

It’s almost like a glowing kaleidoscope of sorts. You can set it on the floor, or even on a desk to point it towards the wall instead of the ceiling. Since it runs on batteries, it’s best to set the timer on the machine so you don’t kill the batteries.

The lights are actually stationary, but you can still make them move around. There’s a little tray inside the machine that rotates. As it moves around, you’ll get the various effects. There’s blue, green and red lights included. Of course, the further away you place the machine from the wall or ceiling, the larger the display will be.

You know I love glowing objects, so you know I’m loving this one. I’m eating it up! If you know of any other devices like this, let me know. I may even potentially make it my own.

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Are You Using LED Christmas Lights this Holiday Season?

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I’ve had this particular light string on for the past three days. Each of the bulbs is still cool to the touch. It’s also highly energy efficient! If you’re going to string lights inside or outside your house, this is what you need to use. The reason why is that these are LED Christmas lights. The cost isn’t as bad as you might think, either. You can find just about any color/shape/size of LED holiday lights over at Holiday LEDs.

You’ll save money and get more for your money using LED lights. You’ll be saving energy, as well! If you haven’t upgraded your Christmas lights yet… do it! Donate the old lights to someone else, or even retire them. Get yourself some LED lights today!

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Glowing LED Things For My Home Office

I like things that glow, but not everything that glows. Genezix from chat has a few products in mind for me:

Okay, you’re obviously into video production at least somewhat, so how about some neat lighting for your home office that although it’s rather expensive to buy, the possibilities are nearly endless?

There are L.E.D. lighting par-cans and can be used for a number of lighting purposes including shining directly on you or for background lighting in your office. Best of all they are both controllable via a DMX lighting controller to do whatever you want. They can fade between colors, strobe, switch colors rapidly, or just stay on one solid color. You can also vary the brightness and the red, blue, and green LEDs individually creating any color you want. You can create a program and store it in the DMX controller that will execute commands in sequence to create flash or color change patterns on each individual light so you could have maybe one flashing blue and another fading between red and yellow…just depends on what you feel like at the time. Best of all they use very little power and generate little heat since they are LED. If you’re interested in this I could tell you more about setting these up

Eh, sounds more complex than I want it to be. Controller? If it’s not controlled via the Internet, it’s not interesting. 🙂