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Can a Company Take Social Networking too Far?

Word on the street is that Best Buy is now requiring applicants to not only be on Twitter – but to have at least 250 followers, as well. When I read this, my mouth hit the floor. In effect, the company thinks that hiring people with a large Twitter following will garner more business for them. How ludicrous is this? It’s not up to an employee to send out tweets and bring in business to a company like Best Buy. For one thing, what if a person chooses not to have that many followers? Not everyone is on Twitter to see if they can win the race for having the most followers. Some people actually use it only to follow interesting people and entities themselves, not caring whether others follow them back. Some of those same people never even update their own timeline. They choose, instead, to simply use Twitter to read the latest news, and keep up with what’s hot in the marketplace.

I cannot begin to understand why a company would – or can even be allowed to – require something like this. If a person’s job were going to be something along the lines of “Social Media Director”, I might be able to see the need for the applicant to already have some sort of following, establishing them as “social media savvy”. Beyond that – I’m just lost.

What are your thoughts? Is this going to become an eerie new trend in the job hunting process? Do you feel that this is just totally off the wall? Let’s hear your thoughts!

One Small Act of Kindness…

Reading through things today in our community, I came across yet another post that gave me pause for thought. That seems to happen daily, doesn’t it? It’s so great to have all of you posting things that makes us all stop and think about life… often in a different way than we might otherwise have.

With the economy so tough and so many thousands of people out of work, it’s easy to lose hope. The house is getting foreclosed. The bills are stacking up. Luxuries are a thing of the past, as are dinners out – even at McDonald’s. It’s hard to see your way clear to remembering that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It’s nearly impossible at times like this to keep your hope alive, until one small, random act of kindness restores your faith.

Even though the post I mentioned above talks about a company who reached out to unemployed people, there are things all of us can do in order to help bolster the spirits of those we know and love who are having a rough time. I encourage YOU to reach out. You can do something simple, like taking a home-cooked meal to a family you know is having a hard time making ends meet. You could offer the use of your car to someone whose may have been repossessed due to job loss… they need wheels to go out and put in applications! Why not offer free babysitting time to that neighbor who is stressed out? Take her kids to your house for a few hours, and encourage her to relax and recharge herself.

All it takes is one simple little gesture to remind us that life is so much better than it may appear. Even during our worst times, there’s still hope.

Thank you to all of you who touch MY life each and every day just by being a part of this community. Even on the days when I struggle to do the things I need to do, I simply restore my own hope by reading what all of you contribute. I am so blessed to do something that I love so much – and it’s thanks to all of you.

How Have You Handled the “Big L”?

I bet you thought the “Big L” meant Love, didn’t you? Well hah on you! I’m actually talking about being laid off, unfortunately. As I was roaming through our communities today, I came across a post on Geeks discussing layoffs. Sadly, several of our community members have been affected in this way by the Economic downturn. It’s sad to see people who have worked for more then half their lives in a decent-paying job suddenly end up with nowhere to go. In many cases, the person may be considered “too old” for many jobs that might be available. In other instances – there just isn’t anything out there.

If you’ve been affected by job layoffs, or know someone who has been, how have you/they dealt with it? How are you coping? Are you hanging in there?

Be sure to take time to read other things throughout our community. You just never know what you may identify with.

What do You Treasure Most in Life?

I love how during my travels through our sites every day, I come across something that really makes me stop and think. Today’s post is found on Geeks, and it’s called What do You Treasure Most in Life. Not only did I have to stop and take time to think this through for myself, but I also am curious to see your answers. Reading through the thread, it’s heartening to see that many people place their family/kids/friends at the top of their lists. Too often, we let the material get in the way – or at least our quest for what’s tangible. Kat summed it up beautifully, reminding us:

Even with the economy in the toilet – we have much to be grateful for in life, and much to treasure. Don’t let a minute of life pass you by without remembering things like this.

We are seeing news articles daily about people taking their lives over losing their jobs, or falling far behind in their bills. Heck, we’re even reading about people who are taking the lives of others – including their own children. We hear of the layoffs, and many of you have been affected by them yourself. But when you take a moment to stop and really think – you are still blessed. You have family and friends who love you. You have your health (hopefully!) and mental well-being. You have your brain, and the ability to think, do and create. You have your freedom (in most countries). You have YOU.

While you’re thinking about your answer to the topic question, why not take a read through some of the other interesting things found today on Geeks and Lockergnome?