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What Kind of Laptop Should I Get?

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http://live.pirillo.com/ – No one company is the right answer when searching for a laptop. Each consumer has different needs. Figure out your budget first. Decide what features you need, and what you can do without. Then, go online and look for product reviews.

I am absolutely amazed at the resolution on my 17″ MacBook Pro. It has 1920 x 1200 pixels, and is the closest I’ve seen to a desktop replacement yet. I am all about resolution, while Ponzi is more into the smaller sizes. Every person has different needs in a laptop or computer. That makes it impossible for anyone to decide on a brand or model for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a laptop. What do you need it for? What types of things do you want it to do best? First of all, you need to set your budget. Once you have done that, then start making a list. Some of the things you should think about:

  • What type of add ins are you looking for?
  • Do you play online games? You’ll need an excellent graphics card
  • If you’re a power user, make sure you have a good processor, and a lot of memory

Of course, these aren’t the only things that you need to look at, but they are a good general guide to get you started. Most importantly, before you buy… make sure you do your research. Go online, and look for product reviews of the model you want to obtain. If all of the reviews are good, you know you’ve chosen a winner. If the reviews are mostly negative, you might want to continue your search.

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LCD Screen Brightness

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Every day brings new viewers to our live chat. A recent visitor asked about her new laptop screen not being bright enough. She has reportedly changed her settings in the laptop control panel, with no luck. She wrote in to ask my advice, so let’s see what we can do to help Tifferz!

Every laptop brand is different in some ways from the other. They may have different hardware, they could have slightly different configurations. Just as they vary in these ways, they also can have different levels of brightness to the screen.

There are unfortunately only a couple of things you can do to adjust the brightness on your laptop. One method is discussed in this video, and again on Yahoo! Answers. Each laptop should have a small button with the letters fn. The letters on that key can vary by manufacturer. Usually you can find this button on the lower left corner of your keyboard. Pushing this button along with the one that has a picture of a small screen and an up arrow (found on the F4 key usually) simultaneously will adjust your brightness.

Another nifty little trick is to simply plug the laptop in to a power source. Many laptop screens will become a bit brighter when the machine is plugged in. If these two options fail you, make sure your video drivers are updated, and try moving the screen to a different angle.

There are several tips and tricks found right on Lockergnome.com that can help you get your LCD monitor adjusted to your comfort and convenience.

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Laptop vs Desktop

http://live.pirillo.com/ – Compucraze64 from the chat room writes in:

For Christmas, you may or may not know I’m really hoping for a computer as long as I get half of the money for it. And I want a desktop computer. However, my dad disagrees and always says no and that I should get a laptop. I keep trying to convince him that a desktop contains more power and hard drive space for less cost. But, he insists on a laptop. Is there any other way I can convince him into a desktop instead of a laptop.

The real question here is: which is better for your lifestyle?

A laptop has a huge advantage for students and people on the go: mobility. Laptops offer the ultimate in mobility, allowing you to take your laptop almost anywhere. While you may not have as much power, you’ll be able to take everything with you much more easily then it would be to drag a desktop across the city.

Desktops do offer more performance per dollar, but they are stationary, and getting your data around can be a bit more difficult.

Chris recommends making an argument – a list of positive reasons – why a desktop would be better to own than a laptop.

Can you help compucraze64 build a list of reasons for getting a desktop or against getting a laptop?

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Fast Laptop Giveaway

Am I crazy? Yes, but that’s not why I’m giving away one of my laptops. I’m likely to give away another one of my laptops in the near future, too – but first, I have to do this particular laptop giveaway.

It’s not a contest, however – as the lucky recipient will be chosen at random at a date to-be-determined in the near future. There are two ways you can shoot for the prize, and both of those options have to do with subscribing to my podcast feed.

  1. Post a video response on YouTube (I’m Giving Away my Laptop), proving that you have subscribed to my podcast feed by holding up your device and showing everyone. Subscribe to http://feeds.pirillo.com/ChrisPirilloShow in any podcast program (like iTunes, Zune, PSP, etc.). Showing me the feed itself – or a Web page – will not suffice.
  2. Write a review for “The Chris Pirillo Show” in the iTunes store – just be honest with your review, as flattery won’t curry favor or increase your odds. If you already have iTunes installed, you can use this podcast link.

The goal? To boost the amount of active podcast participants. As you’ll notice from recently recorded media, the audience is always heavily involved. You ask questions, you give answers, you share information.

What Do Women want in Laptops?

So, Ponzi wrote An Easy Fix For The Laptop’s Biggest Design Flaw (which I happened to forward to Michael Dell, BTW). Comments came into her blog from other females.

Laura Moncur of GadgetsPage.com:

I’m a velcro-wrapped power cord user. At Home Depot, I bought a package of velcro wraps meant for power tools (I guess all those power tools have the same problems), so it fits around the cord AND the brick. Works pretty well, but it takes up more space than my Nintendo DS. For plane trips, I found an REI backpack that is UGLY but works well and holds EVERYTHING, including the GPS system, the wireless router and all the cords for them as well. It fits under the seat in front of me, but I have to position all the items in it very carefully to achieve that feat. You’re right, this is an issue…

Misty O’Brien:

I carry several pens, either my “official” planner, or a smaller version (depends where I’m going), a notecard box for random ideas, my iPod, my phone, daily pills, nail file, nail clipper, calculator, small baggie with “good luck charms” (foreign currency, small trinkets with confidence boosters on them, i.e. create, believe, et cetera), keys, wallet. Sometimes, if I am working a shorter shift, I’ll bring my work apron (I’m a cashier) and shove it in my purse. I’ve also been known to carry my current crochet project as well. I don’t even want to think about trying to carry a laptop. I should be carrying my digital camera, too.

Seems the women of our lives understand this problem more than we (males) do.