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Aluminum Keyboard

Based on a recommendation given to me by a chat room regular (thanks, Moonglaive!) – I purchaed a Enermax KB002U AURORA keyboard the other day. It arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, and I’m happy to report that it’s replaced my long-standing favorite (the Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro). I unboxed the peripheral live on camera, but nobody really recorded the first keystrokes (no big loss there). My initial impressions are positive – it works, it’s relatively comfortable, and is amazingly quiet.

I wasn’t really won over by the brushed aluminum design, although it compliments my Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 quite nicely. For me, having those extra USB ports is nice – which was why I was holding out for the never-to-see-daylight Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000 (they keep pushing back the release date). I had to give the Aurora a shot:

  • Hairline brushed aluminum design
  • Massive aluminum frame with diamond-cut edges [still relatively thin]
  • Ultra-flat profile [very much so]
  • Zero-degree tilt [that’s about right]
  • Heavy duty components [this thing will never break]
  • USB Hub [two ports, selling point for me]
  • Audio I/O [very convenient]

The edges of the keyboard are, indeed, sharp – and that’s the only real “negative” I’ve experienced. I’m still getting used to the feel (the keys are somewhat flatter and don’t depress as deeply as they did on my old keyboard). I don’t feel my typing speed has been hampered any, either – which makes this one a keeper. For now. If the video doesn’t work for you, we have more information about the keyboard (and other hardware on my desktop) in Live.

Help with Cleaning a Keyboard

Okay, here’s a little bit of informational fun to lighten up your day…

This is how we clean a keyboard: the Pirillo way!

You could put ‘er it in a dishwasher. Some swear by this method, but it’s never worked for me. I’ve only ruined peripherals with water. Or, you could remove the keys and soak everything in a bathtub full of lukewarm water. Proceed with caution, though. Then again, you could go with my favorite method; turn ‘er upside down over a towel and shake vigorously.

It’s easier to show you than it is to explain:

Keyboard Cleaning

How do you clean your keyboard? Personally, I take the “shake and quake” approach. Some have suggested that I actually place the peripheral into a dishwasher to get all the gunk out. Others have suggested removing the keys and soaking it in a bathtub. No, I honestly think the best approach is to get a new keyboard every year (even though compressed air is fun to shoot). Seriously, these things aren’t usually all that expensive – at least, the ones I’d suggest chucking on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they don’t make my favorite model anymore (A Microsoft Internet Keyboard Pro with two USB ports off the back). I’m either stuck with a sticky keyboard, or forced to find a new favorite.

Yeah, so subscribe to my YouTube channel or I’ll shake your keyboard next time. I’ve also posted five ways to clean your keyboard over on Lockergnome.