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The PC De-Crapifier

Long overdue: an OEM’s worst nightmare. Jeff Jarvis oughta love it, but I doubt Dell will. Nothing illegal here:

The PC De-Crapifier is designed to remove a specific list unwanted software in an unattended fashion. Before running, the user may select exactly what software should be removed. Currently, it is targeted for use on most Dell machines; however it will theoretically run on anything that has the software listed below…

Hey Dell – if you really *ARE* listening, and you really *DO* believe in your own marketing hype, why don’t you put some truth behind the new “Designed For You” campaign? Ya know, offer a HUGE CHECKBOX next to the “Install software that doesn’t ship natively with Microsoft Windows” option and have it unchecked by default. First, you have to make that option available. Second, you could call it… “Really, Truly Designed For You.” Welcome to the blogosphere!

Buying Digital Content at Gnomedex

Ethan Kaplan (no relation to Pud) wants to talk about buying digital audio and video:

The $39 Dollar Song and 6 Cent Ringtone didn’t really light up the charts on the TechMeme saturated blogosphere, but it is a valid discussion to have, especially when the business of content is exploding as it is (to use Jeff Jarvis’ parlance). I know that being from a record company, people will immediately look to me to talk about DRM and the RIAA. I will avoid the latter, and only address the former in the context of the discussion about abstraction and mutability and how it relates to Value.

I like buying content subscriptions. I hate buying content ala carte. I love buying physical products from my favorite artists.