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How to be Productive With the iPad

Whiteboard HD makes it simple for you to SEE your ideas by giving you the best environment to write notes, sketch charts and record your brainstorming sessions. Draw freeform with the drag of your finger and add pre-made shapes and lines by pinching or tapping. Choose between grid and lined backgrounds or import any image or diagram from your photo library. Heck, you can even add labels and text boxes anywhere!

The app makers have included several very cool features in order to help make this THE collaboration tool of choice. Use it for preliminary sketches, group brainstorming and student projects. Share your ideas through external monitors or projectors in many different aspect ratios when using the iPad VGA adapter. It’s pretty simple to save and bookmark your notes, images and diagrams when you are finished – right within the app’s project manager.

Some key features include:

  • Full DropBox support
  • Add images as objects on the board
  • Laser-pointer mode for external displays.
  • Export boards choosing white or transparent background

If you have a project to work through by yourself – OR with others – the Whiteboard HD app may be exactly the app you’re looking for.

GVMessenger Brings Google Voice to the iPhone Perfectly

Stop settling for less than the best of quality when using Google Voice on your iPhone. Use the new Messenger for Google Voice app to send and receive texts using your Google account. Switch back and forth between your phone and your computer at any time to keep everything in sync. Set up your account to receive notifications even when the app itself is closed if you want.

Keeping in touch with everyone and needing to be available at all times is something we all have in common. The makers of this app recognize that and have worked hard to include the features that are important to you:

  • Uses the internet only, so you don’t have to worry about running up your cell phone bill with hundreds text messages.
  • Saves everything when you close so don’t worry about taking a phone call, everything will be right where you left it when you’re done.
  • Support for marking conversations as archived, spam and starred.
  • Uses the iPhone’s built in address book and photos.

David, the app maker, has also created a browser dedicated to Google Voice for Mac users. He claims it’s nothing too fancy, just a WebKit view in a simple window. It may not be fancy, but it is pretty dang cool. The best part is that it will update the badge icon in the dock so you don’t have to keep the window open.

If you are a fan of Google Voice using an iDevice, you’ll definitely want to check out this app. I’ve already become accustomed to using it as part of my daily life, as though it was there all along. It’s that intuitive and well-made.

CamHelium Home Office Tour

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I’m not sure why so many of you demand that I create a home office tour video. I’ve done several of them in past years. Nothing has really changed. I have a lot of crap. I’ll have the same crap next year.

Since I knew I had to give in and show off the office to keep you happy, I thought it would be fun to record the video using my iPhone and the new CamHelium app. This 99-cent app puts a helium balloon inside of your iPhone. It gives your voice that lovely balloon-y sound effect we all know and love. Tap the button to start and stop recording… and you’re done. There’s nothing fancy or tricky about the application.

Record video messages for friends, children, family and even your boss. Share your creations immediately via email, Facebook, YouTube or MMS. Sit back and enjoy the laughter that will soon follow.

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Line Art Drawing App for iPhone and iPad

Line Art has thousands upon thousands of little particles which respond to your touch. As they move around, they leave behind colorful lines. Over time, they change color as well as how they react to your touch. This keeps things interesting, and allows you to create an unlimited number of designs.

When you leave the app alone, the particles begin to move all by themselves… just as if they were alive! The app features VGA out support, is universal (working on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad), has ten different interaction modes and boasts stunning and smooth graphics.

How many millions of ways can you come up with to create works of art on your Apple device?

Bring Netflix to Your Apple Device

If you’re already a Netflix member, you know how great it is to be able to watch the shows and movies YOU want to see anytime you want to see them. Now you can get that same service on your Apple mobile devices, as well. The Netflix App allows you to instantly stream the programs to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The app itself won’t cost you anything. Use it in conjunction with your current Netflix subscription. If you aren’t a member just yet, you can check out a free trial. Watch your favorites as often as you want, and even resume where you left off when having to get up from the television or computer. Browse movies and manage your instant queue right from your device.

This could come in very handy. Let’s say you’re watching a movie that has you completely sucked in. You’re comfy on the couch when suddenly your power goes out! Psh – no big deal. Bring Netflix up on your iPad or phone and continue. Maybe you have to head out and ride in a cab… a train… you get the picture. Watch your content any time from any place you choose.

Are You An Angry Birds Addict?

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I’m being told that this is the single most addictive game available for the iPhone. I don’t get it though. WHY are people addicted to it? I get that there are these cute little birds who appear to be ticked off at some pigs. It’s kinda cool shooting the birds out of the slingshot to knock the pigs down and kill them. Angry Birds is just one of those things you have to experience for yourself, perhaps.

These birds are mad because the pigs stole their eggs out of the nests. Uhm. Okay! Let’s take em down then. There are 180 levels to get through. I should be able to manage that within an hour or so, right?

There are leaderboards built in to the app, along with Facebook and Twitter integration. There is an unlimited supply of mad feathered friends to launch through the air, as well.

One thing I learned as soon as I started playing: it doesn’t help to tilt your iPhone as the bird heads towards the pigs. It won’t help the winged creature go any further.

As soon as I play another level, I promise to figure out why you people like to play this… crap! How did I miss that shot? Why don’t I have any birds left?

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Sign It! Helps You Sign and Send Documents in iOS

How often have you had to print a document, sign it, scan it and then send it back via the Internet? That entire process is a time-waste – and a royal pain. There has to be a better way, right? Right! Sign It! takes half of those steps right out of the equation. You’re going to save a lot of time and lower your daily intake of headache remedies, trust me.

Open a document or attachment from the Mail app within your iOS device. Digitally sign, fill in forms and annotate them. Email the updated document back to the originator. You’re done! There are several excellent features to this app:

  • PDF editor with form fill, date/time, rubber stamp and signature embedding!
  • Landscape signing module – now you have lots of extra space to sign. Just rotate the phone to activate.
  • 100s of customization options
  • NO registration is ever needed
  • Documents are imported and sent directly from your iPhone to maintain complete privacy and security.
  • Import PDF documents from iPhone Mail, iTunes file sharing, desktop using WiFi and Drop.io

This app is just like having an office right in your phone – exactly the way it should be.

EA Brings Back Lite-Brite – for Your iPhone

I know you remember playing with a Lite-Brite at some point during your childhood. Even those kids who never owned one ended up creating cute little works of art at a friend’s house. Those colorful tiny pegs were the bane of every mom’s existence… and created hours of enjoyment for those of us who were under the age of twelve. Who am I kidding? I’m a few years past twelve, and I’d still play with one of these if I had one here.

Electronic Arts is making it simple for you to keep your kiddo busy during a car trip or a wait at the doctor’s office. We promise not to tell anyone if you occasionally play with the Lite-Brite app yourself! The app will allow you to animate what you’ve done and even share it with friends via email, facebook or your photo reel.

You’ll find classic design templates plus many new ones. Choose to play around in free-style mode to let your inner creativity soar. Unlock more designs after completing a set number of drawings. Add colors with the swipe of a finger or pinch to zoom in or out. There’s even a Time Attack mode to challenge yourself… see how fast you can complete a template and match your score against your friends.

I love finding apps such as these for my iPhone. What cool apps are you playing with these days?

How to Watch Xvid Movies

CineXPlayer is the simplest way to watch all of your Xvid movies on the iPad. The app allows you to transfer your Xvid content to the device without needing to convert. Play them even when you have no Internet connection, such as while traveling. Enjoy a cinematic experience and then swipe to delete when you’re ready to get rid of a specific title. It really IS that easy!

For the most part, the app works very well. The majority of reviewers on the App Store have rated it four stars or more. However, Engadget reports that there are some issues when trying to play certain file formats. That is to be expected, and the app developers ask for feedback. “You may occasionally come across an Xvid movie you will not be able to play. Please use our support contact if you encounter such a problem.”

Microwave Gadgets Safely with an iPad

How often have you wondered what would happen if you stuffed your old phone into the microwave and turned it on? More sparks would fly than you could possibly imagine, I’m sure. The light show that would ensue likely would be of the magnitude found in the latest thriller at your local theater. Even though it may look cool, the threat of injury is too high to ever actually do something like this. That is why the new Microwave It app will become your new favorite toy.

The app allows you to (virtually) place any of ten included items into the microwave to watch them pop, sizzle and explode. Choose between aluminum foil, a CD, a large fluorescent bulb, ribbon, a halogen tube, a standard lightbulb, a marshmallow, paper clips, soap and steel wool to begin your heated journey. Expansion packs are available to allow you to toy with things such as an LED light string and a potato chip bag.

Keep in mind that while the app is 100% safe to use, it is NOT a good idea to actually place any of these items into a real microwave. In other words: Don’t try this at home!