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Monster Cable TRON Edition iPod Identity Disc Dock

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If you have followed me on any website for more than five minutes, you’ll know that my favorite movie is TRON. The good folks at Monster helped me out by sending me this kickass-looking speaker system for my iPod touch (and iPhone!).

This Monster Cable TRON Edition iPod Identity Disc Dock just LOOKS fantastic, before even using it for the first time. The dock resembles Tron’s iconic identity disks. Cool blue rings highlight the case, and even the lettering on the system’s display mimic the style of the movie’s fonts.

You can download the (free!) Monster Visualizer app to your device to give your iPhone or iPod touch control of the lights on the dock. Enjoy a slick light show that combines pulsing graphics on the iDevice screen with the lights on the dock – all nicely synced to your music.

The sound is – just… wow. The system features four 1-1/2″ speakers to handle mids and highs with clarity and precision. In back, a long-throw 3-1/2″ woofer pumps out the lows. Other features include:

  • compatible with 160GB iPod classic, 6th generation iPod nano, and 4th generation iPod touch
  • compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4
  • four 1-1/2″ drivers with a 3-1/2″ long-throw woofer for low tones
  • dual pipe blue lights with over 80 LEDs
  • backlit display with Tron-inspired fonts
  • free Monster Game Grid Visualizer app (lights change intensity along with music, Tron graphics will display on your player and graphics and light display are synchronized to the music).
  • auxiliary stereo mini-jack input
  • remote

I can’t say it enough: this thing just LOOKS cool as hell. I am more than happy with the light show and the sound – and plan to use it daily right here in my home office.

What speakers are you using? Are they anywhere near as cool as this setup?

How to Charge Two iPods Simultaneously with a Dock

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I own only one iPod at this point. How many do you have? You may have two, or you may be with someone who also has one. To connect to charge them may be a bit of a challenge, since only one can go into the dock at a time – unless you get a Dual Dock.

You’ll get one compact charging station that can charge any two iPhones or iPods at once. It fits any of them, except for the iPod Shuffle. The blue LED trim ring lights up when you connect your iPhone or iPod. If the light bothers you, it can be switched off. Since I love things that glow, we all know I’ll be leaving it switched on.

I’m going to keep this located in the center of my house, instead of in my office. This way if anyone is over visiting, they can easily charge their devices – even if I’m already charging mine! It works very well, and it’s compact (therefore easy to travel with). What more could you ask for?

Heck, I can even charge my iPhone with the case still on. For me, that’s a huge plus – I no longer have to mess with removing the case to charge!

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