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Mount Your iPhone to a Tripod with the Xshot Tripod Case

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I’m always on the lookout for an excellent iPhone 4 case. When Xshot contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying out their new tripod adapter case – I may have gotten a bit over-excited by the prospect. I usually have to clip my phone to a tripod in order to record videos. Now, though, I can slide the little mounting mechanism into place and voila! No muss – no fuss.

The XShot iPhone 4 Case with Detachable Universal Tripod Adapter and Flex Mini Tripod is just fantastic. The case is two pieces, and is well constructed to help protect your phone. The little piece that locks onto the case to turn it into a tripod mount is small enough to not cause too much hassle… but I can’t imagine you’d want to keep it connected at all times. Who knows, though – perhaps you will! The case itself can stay in place while you are charging (or docking!) your phone.

The universal tripod adapter that can be used in both landscape and portrait modes on any tripod, XShot camera extender, or monopod to take great pictures, videos, and self-portraits. This setup is perfect for use with FaceTime and dual cameras. It’s excellent for camera stabilization – especially when taking photos and creating HD video.

The case comes with a bonus mini flex tripod. While not very big, it’s perfect for sitting on your desk as you create the next great review for YouTube.

Canopy Cases Turn Your iPhone Into a Camera

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Canopy shows off two iPhone 4 cases at CES. The first one, Jumba, adds tripod threading, making it easy to tripod mount your iPhone 4 at virtually any angle.

The second iPhone 4 case, Kapok, converts your iPhone to a point-and-shoot camera. By combining an iPhone app with the Kapok case, you get two embedded buttons with better digital camera control for the iPhone 4 camera.

Canopy offers an open SDK, so the buttons are available for use by other apps too.