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iPhone Speeds Through the Years

Mike Hellers and his friend Chris Pinnock put this video together to show you the actual differences in speed amongst the different iterations of the iPhone. They included a 2G model, a 3G, a 3GS and the iPhone 4 – side by side. The differences from the 3GS to the 4 are not as large of a gap as you might think they are. However, when compared with the 2G, the iPhone 4 is blazing fast.

Surprisingly, there were a few small areas where the phones were fairly equal. For instance, they all opened Google Earth at nearly the exact same time. However, when loading up Safari, the iPhone 4 blew its predecessors away.

How does your latest cell phone stack up against older models? Is there truly much of a difference?

Goodbye iPhone 3GS

I decided to capture this “changing of the guard” with both iPhones to better illustrate the differences in camera capabilities. The first part was recorded with the iPhone 3GS (640×480), and the second part with the iPhone 4 (1280×720).

I was trying to do something fancy with the camera at the tail end of the video, so I (inadvertently) held it in such a way that the microphone was covered. This is why the tail end looks good but sounds muffled. This is not a shortcoming in the device so much as it’s a shortcoming in how my wrist twists. 😉

Backwards Compatibility Isn't Viable with Hardware

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Dylan called in during the live show the other night and wanted to talk about hardware and having to upgrade. He has an iPhone 3G and installed the new iPhone 4.0 operating system on it as a developer. His phone became very hot, and he began to wonder if it’s “really true” that you cannot use the new os on older versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, of course it’s true. Apple has every right to make that cutoff. You cannot expect manufacturers to support old hardware indefinitely.

We’ve been spoiled, I think, with Windows XP. There have now been two upgrades released beyond XP. Yet, we can still walk into some stores and buy machines off the shelf which have Win XP installed on them. I’m not saying that’s a “bad” thing. It’s just the way it is.

There has to be a cutoff point somewhere. Apple has defined theirs. You simply cannot expect any company to continue to support older hardware indefinitely… especially when it comes to mobile devices. The market for these gadgets is growing very quickly. Many models are leap-frogging right over others in the eternal quest to be “the best.”

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iPhone 3G S Video Upload Test

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I uploaded this short video directly from my new iPhone 3G S. I think the quality is very good, considering this was compressed and passed directly across AT&T’s 3G network while I was driving down the road! It took about five minutes to upload (and longer than that for YouTube to process).

My car’s name is Vader, just so you know. It’s black, just like my iPhone! Yes, the blue Mustang that passed me during the video is an extremely “hot” car (according to Kat, anyway).

Do you have the iPhone 3G S yet? Have you uploaded videos with it? What have your experiences been like? Let me hear from you… I’m interested in hearing how things are working for others. I’m happy. I’m in love with my new iPhone!

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Unboxing the iPhone 3G S

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A couple of years ago I sat at my desk claiming I’d never buy an iPhone on the first day. I thought my then-current phone was fine, and did everything I wanted it to. Not long after that, I recanted and started to use an iPhone. I’ve never looked back, and won’t GO back. My iPhones have done so much more than I could have ever asked for or expected from a phone, which is why I’m so excited about my new iPhone 3GS!!

I saved the unboxing and unwrapping of my new iPhone 3GS to do on this video. I know how much you guys enjoy these! I feel that AT&T is total fail with the way they’re handling these things, and the activations. Apparently, many are taking up to two days! Shame on them.

On a side note… I normally shave my face for no one. However, I felt the need to shower and shave prior to unboxing this. I shaved for my phone! What is the world coming to?

The box included the phone, of course, the instructions (Fingertips), and the cords. The box itself is easy to tell it’s for the 3GS model, since you see the icons for things like the Compass which are now included on the new model.

It looks exactly the same as my iPhone 3G. I connected my Richard|Solo 1800 in order to help extend my battery life. I couldn’t live without this awesome little thing. It has saved me on more than one occasion, when my iPhone 3G would have otherwise been dead in the water.

It’s definitely faster, it boots up a heck of a lot quicker than my 3G did/does. I had to connect to iTunes right away, of course. Had to accept Terms and Conditions, which is pretty standard. I then had to wait for them to process my request. They should play some music, daggone it.

And, of course, I received a notice (typical of AT&T)… “your activation will take additional time to complete. Due to high volume of current activations, it will take up to 48 hours to completely your request”. Thank you for a big bucket of epic FAIL, AT&T.

I had to figure out what to name this phone. My last one was boring, and simply named “iPhone”. So I asked the chat – and my dogs – what to call this one. I decided on “Gnome”, since I’m the Lockergnome!

I had to sync my information with the new device, so I know that’ll take awhile. I had 300 Apps to move over, so yeah… I’m addicted to them. I know it!

So anyways, there’s my unboxing and attempt to activate with my new iPhone 3GS. Keep your eyes peeled for more videos in the near future!

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Will Chris and Leo from TechTV ever Reunite?

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Leo LaPorte and I worked together a few years ago on TechTV. Since that time, we have appeared at different conferences and conventions at the same time. People constantly ask “when will you and Leo do something together again!?”. We are each doing our own thing these days, but it was great fun to get together via phone during Leo’s recent “24 Hours of iPhone”. We had a lot of laughs, and discussed many different things. First and foremost, of course, we dished about the new iPhone 3G. Here’s a peek at some of the other products we talked about.


Here we have a cute little white plastic brick with a face made of LEDs. The tiny microphone in the base picks up sounds in the room, whether it’s music, or your loudmouth boss, and makes his mouth move in time. It’s like he’s lip synching to the song! Kinda like Britney, only much much smaller, and probably smells better.

He’s USB powered, so plug him in to any powered USB port, set him near your favorite sound-source, and your little buddy will perform for you all day long!

USB Humping Dog

It doesn’t serve any purpose, but it’s what they do. They are insatiable. And that’s all we really have to say. Harley is brown and Duke is black, and you can take your pick. Oh, and don’t worry – if the kids ask what the doggie is doing to your computer, just say, “He’s trying to jump over the computer, but he got a little stuck,” or “The computer is giving him a piggyback ride.” Either will suffice.

We, of course, had to talk about live streaming. I explained to Leo that I love leaving the stream running all the time for many reasons. You never know what will happen at any given time throughout the day. You can see bloopers, chat it up with the Mods, watch me lose my patience and sanity, and even help me out when I’m stuck. Leo said that I am his inspiration for his own live streaming. He said he caught what we were doing here one day, and thought to himself “this is what I need to be doing!”.

It was great spending some time chatting one-on-one with Leo again. Keep your eyes and ears open. You never know when and where it could happen again.

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What do you Think of the iPhone 3G?

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I’ll miss my iPhone. I will no longer be using it as my primary communications device. We’ve had really good times together. We’ve had good conversations together, and sent many a great text message. There’s nothing wrong with my iPhone. It’s just not for me anymore. We’ve grown apart, that’s all. I’m breaking up with my iPhone. It’s true. I won’t be using it anymore. Maybe Wicket will want it.

Instead, I’ll be using my iPhone 3G!!! Oh come on. You should have seen that one coming. You’ve been watching me wait for the 3G to get here for how long now? I gotta tell you. I’m happy with the upgrade so far. It’s not a dramatic upgrade, no. My initial impressions are good. For the most part, it’s a good experience. Instabilities abound, many of which have been noted on iPhone and apple-related sites and forums. The hope of the community is that Apple will be releasing a firmware update at some point in the very near future, to clear up some of the hiccups that people are experiencing.

Introducing iPhone 3G. With fast 3G wireless technology, GPS mapping, support for enterprise features like Microsoft Exchange, and the new App Store, iPhone 3G puts even more features at your fingertips. And like the original iPhone, it combines three products in one — a revolutionary phone, a widescreen iPod, and a breakthrough Internet device with rich HTML email and a desktop-class web browser. iPhone 3G. It redefines what a mobile phone can do — again.

Phone Make a call by tapping a name or send a text with the intelligent keyboard.

iPod Enjoy music and video on a widescreen display and shop for music with a tap.

Internet Browse the real web, get HTML email, and find yourself with GPS maps.

What’s new in the iPhone?

  1. 3G Speed 3G technology gives iPhone fast access to the Internet and email over cellular networks around the world. iPhone 3G also makes it possible to do more in more places: Surf the web, download email, get directions, and watch video — even while you’re on a call.
  2. Maps with GPS Find your location, get directions, and see traffic — all from your phone. Maps on iPhone 3G combines GPS, Wi-Fi, and cell tower location technology with the Multi-Touch interface to create the best mobile map application ever.
  3. App Store Tap into the App Store and you’ll find applications in every category, from games to business, education to entertainment, finance to health and fitness, productivity to social networking. These applications have been designed to take advantage of iPhone features such as Multi-Touch, the accelerometer, wireless, and GPS. And some are even free. You can download them wirelessly and start using them right away.

There are so many more things, as well. You can check them all out for yourself on the Apple website, or in any Apple store. I’m telling you. The iPhone is changing the way we communicate, work and play. If you have the 3G already, what are your initial thoughts? If you don’t have one yet… why not?

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iPhone 2.0 Reviews

The hottest debate today surrounds the iPhone. If you have an original one, should you buy the new iPhone 3G… or should you keep the old one and simply update the operating system to 2.0? I asked my friends over at Friendfeed this very question. The results surprised me.

OS is always more important – Aaron L. M. Goodwin

For me, the OS is more interesting because of the new application platform. Also, as the App Store is available to iPod Touch users as well, its reach is potentially more broad. The barrier to entry for the software/OS is small, while the barrier to entry to upgrade hardware and service to an iPhone 3G, for first-generation users, or non-iPhone users will be too much for many people. – Louis Gray

It’s all about the apps—hands down. – James Mowery via twhirl

The firmware and the app store are monumental. Much more than incremental hardware upgrades. That’s why I kept my 1st gen unit. It offers 98% of the funtions of the new hardware. Including LBS. One of many thoughts: http://bit.ly/3xqiVjKevin C. Tofel

BTW, this post, while not being prefectly relevant, might peak your interest for discussion. I think that subscription-based products are going to dominate in the future. I believe that the app store is providing Apple the experience necessary to take my ideas in my blog post further. http://onlyjames.com/future-su…James Mowery via twhirl

definitely the apps – now it’s much more like a mini computer – Nathan Manley via Alert Thingy

Definitely the new firmware. – Angel Smith

OS my biggest issue is as multi-whatever as this phone is, why doesn’t it multi task? when are the apps going to run in the background??? all these apps are useless if it can only run one at a time. – Mona N

The App platform is the biggest thing, though the hardware is nice for the fixes it provides: http://fury.com/article/2261.p…Kevin Fox

Definitely the firmware. Mona, all the apps are not useless due to lack of running in the background, though they’re not nearly as useful as they could be if they did. – Robert Seidman

@mona n …until apple does something to improve battery life considerably, I can’t see multitasking & background running apps that soon. – Nick

Maybe it’s in my head but notifications seem slower when my browser is up…. which is a problem for me since my entire life is based on e-mail and SMS. I also wished Apple at least integrated Java (solely for Gmail) – Mona N

Definitely the new OS. It’s great to have the App Store and finally third-party support on the iPhone OS. Not everyone needs the new hardware as the 3G coverage isn’t available in all areas. – Kevin Skocik

The hardware new features will have a lot less reach (e.g. limiited 3g ares) than the software which will affect both original and 3G models. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the AppStore bring in more coin than the hardware. – William Reveal via twhirl

@Nick: agreed. Though I’m getting the external battery shipped to me from Japan. It plugs in the butt and it’s not as huge… See, only a 50 hour time difference between 2g & 3g iPhones means nothing to me, since all the new apps will probably drain the battery 10 times faster. Well the good news is, the battery is replaceable… since my current battery is crapping out. – Mona N

The new OS, definitely. The best hardware in the world isn’t worth much if nothing good is running on it. – Akiva Moskovitz

The OS – no doubt – though it’s my first iPhone, so the hardware is pretty cool as well. Without the AppStore, the new phone wouldn’t be half as interesting. – Frederic

Software by far. 3G is limited in coverage, GPS is limited in capabilities, extended battery will be wasted on 3G and GPS. – pb30

I only wonder how long it will be before we are buying full fledged Mac OS X desktop applications through iTunes. – James Mowery via twhirl

The hardware is only particularly useful as an enabler of the new OS. The inverse isn’t true. – Nicholas Molnar

definitely the OS. I’m skipping the hardware update (at least for now) but can’t wait to use the new apps. – matt hollingsworth

hardware – the 3G download speed trumps all the apps – Jeremy Toeman

OS for sure!! Not everyone needs 3G. – Ryan Cates

2.0 but the 3G is great too – Grant

I’m kinda anti-iPhone; but, I would think since most people will be using the 3G and GPS features alot, the hardware would be important. Not to say the apps aren’t important but, I’m sure people can live without them as some point. Me, I’d personally say battery life was important. – Outsanity

It’s ALL about the software. Without software, all you have is a nice little heater for your cup of tea, or a shiny mirror. 😉 – Josh Bancroft

Hardware. 480k for me vs 36k GPRS on the old one. + the queues speak for themselves. I had apps on my old cracked iPhone – Duncan Riley

If it was truly all about the software, then you wouldn’t have seen the amazingly long lines that we saw today. They were FULL of people running 2.0 software on their current iPhones. They weren’t satisfied with that though. – Andru Edwards

The OS. Because I don’t plan on getting an iPhone, but I will be getting an iPod Touch come Christmas. 🙂 Also, the OS changed the rules of the game for mobile development, as far as I’m concerned. A development environment that allows thousands of desktop app developers to directly apply their existing skills to a new platform? Hell yeah. – James Williams (willia4)

iPhone 2.0 is much better than 3G or GPS, mainly because I don’t have 3G in my area. – Shawn Molnar

I think the 2.0 OS is the best, but a close second would have to be the 3G and GPS functions. – Ethan

Which is more important to you: the operating system, or the hardware? If you’re already using iPhone 2.0, what has your experience been so far? I LOVE it so far. The Apps Store has kept me occupied for way too long already today.

Is iPhone 2.0 Worth It?

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I have an original 8GB iPhone, not the iPhone 3G. However, I’m running the new iPhone 2.0 operating system. After playing with it all day, I’m far more excited about the operating system upgrade than I am about the hardware one. Yes, I know the iPhone 3G is going to be great. It has a GPS and double the amount of space. But I’m not really ready to rush out and wait in line for it. If you are like me and still using the original iPhone… you might want to think about waiting. The iPhone 2.0 operating system is an amazing upgrade.

With the free iPhone 2.0 Software Update, your iPhone does even more. Extend its capabilities with innovative applications you download directly from the new App Store. Get push email, calendar, and contacts from your Microsoft Exchange server at work. And use great new features in Mail, Contacts, and other applications. To get the free update, just sync your iPhone with your Mac or PC.

There are so many awesome apps available for iPhone 2.0. I can’t even tell you how many of them I downloaded today. The apps are great because they take advantage of all the groundbreaking technologies in iPhone, such as the accelerometer, Multi-Touch, 3D positional sound, and GPS. There are fun apps, apps to help you GTD, and even apps that can just make your life a whole lot easier.

Is 2.0 worth it? You bet your Super Monkey Balls it is! Get it. I promise you will be happy with the decision.

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Is the iPhone 3G Worth Buying?

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I don’t think I’ll be standing in line for the release of the iPhone 3G, although I will be getting one. I do access the Internet frequently from my first gen iPhone, and here in Seattle we have the 3G Network. It will be worth it for me to have one. But overall, for the majority of people, is it worth shelling out money to upgrade?

I will likely be getting the 16GB version of the new Apple iPhone 3G. The one I have now is only an 8GB. I’ve never run out of space, but I like knowing that I have more than enough. Knowing there are going to be tons of new apps in the App Store, many of those free, I know I’ll be maxing myself out downloading them.

I have a top five reason list as to why you shouldn’t “trade up” for the new iPhone 3G. This isn’t my list, it was sent to my by community member Pat. Let’s take a look at why Pat feels you should save your money. His reasons are valid points, but are very lengthy, so I’m going to paraphrase them.

  1. The iPhone 2.0 operating system will work perfectly on the first gen iPhone. There aren’t many extra features in the newest version. You’ll get a standard headphone jack, the 3G processor, and the GPS. For those who do already need some type of GPS on their iPhone, the first generation has a feature using cell towers and wi-fi hotspots to pinpoint your location. If you don’t need GPS and you’re not in an area that is 3G capable… then you don’t really want a new iPhone.
  2. If you already spent quite a lot of money on one of the new iPhones, why would you spend more to buy a phone with just a slight upgrade? Apple could drop the price in the near future. The iPhone 3G is just a slight upgrade, so you may want to hold out until Apple releases a phone with a much larger difference. $200 for something that could possibly be faster and has a newer design isn’t that much. But, it’s just not something you need to spend money on.
  3. iPhones have strict contracts that cannot be canceled easily. If you are already under contract with AT&T for an iPhone, you are stuck with your contract for two years. Your only option to upgrade to the iPhone 3G is to get yourself a new number. It remains to be seen whether AT&T or Apple will allow us to change the current generation iPhone and use it as just an iPod, or not. If I buy the 3G, what can I do with this old model? Or will I just have to have it sit on a shelf? I will likely turn mine into some cold, hard cash.
  4. The new iPhone contract is more expensive than the old one. You may be paying for features you won’t even use. Since you cannot cancel your contract, you’ll be paying for two at the same time. You will not only have to go through the trouble of adjusting to a new phone number, you’ll also have new fees as well. While the new iPhone hardware is cheaper, the service contract is more expensive. Home users will be paying $10.00 per month more, while business users will pay an additional $25.00 a month. The reason why Apple had to lower the price of the hardware is due to the rising cost of the service.
  5. If you’re not in an area that doesn’t have 3G capability, then you won’t be taking advantage of the 3G features. What is the point then? AT&Ts 3G networks are only found in the most populated areas. If you live in the suburbs or a smaller town, you may never be able to use them. AT&T is still working on expanding the 3G network, but it will likely take quite awhile to make it out of large cities.

Yes, the hardware is going to be faster. But in my mind, the best reason to upgrade to the new 3G is the GPS. Do your homework, weigh everything out carefully. Then, make your decision as to what is best for you.

What do you think? Is the iPhone 3G over-hyped? Is it a welcome addition to your pocket?


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