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How Do You Edit Text on the iPhone and iPad?

Editing text on your Apple mobile device is now even simpler and better with PlainText. The app has an uncluttered and uncomplicated paper-like UI. Unlike the default Notes app, PlainText allows you to create and organize documents in folders. You can then choose to quickly sync everything with your DropBox account.

Folders keeps your documents perfectly organized while the paper-like interface keeps the focus on your text. Having your documents always available via your DropBox account is a peace of mind that money cannot buy.

App creator Jesse Grosjean has one goal: “to create simple applications that do what you need without getting in your way.” He’s hit the nail on the head with PlainText. It doesn’t get in the way. It doesn’t have fancy bells and whistles you don’t need. It simply works. At the end of the day, that’s what every app should do.

iPad Stylus

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The application running on my iPad in this video is Penultimate. It encourages you to take notes or make sketches because your handwriting and drawing looks pretty cool in bold gel ink. Three different paper styles are available and there are several standard features you’ll need… including an eraser and full undo capability.

One very cool thing about this application is that you can keep separate notebooks for each topic you’re working on. You can have an unlimited number of notebooks, each with an infinite number of pages. Furthermore, you can easily share your projects either by single page or entire notebook.

Unfortunately, there is one serious drawback (at least in this iteration). There is no “touch-free zone.” You don’t write on real paper with your wrist dangling in the air, do you? You won’t want to do that with your iPad, either. Due to the multi-touch feature of the device, you’ll have a hard time writing for long periods of time. I’m hoping that this will be addressed in a future version. The developers are promising that they are planning to add user-requested features.

What other apps are you using on your iPad that help you get things done? Drop me a line and let me know so I can take a look at them, as well. I happen to have a serious addiction to anything and everything that makes my life easier… especially when those tasks are done on my favorite devices.

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