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Will the New iPad Have a Camera and Retina Display?

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During live calls recently, one person asked if I felt he should buy an iPad now, or wait for a new version to come out. I think he should wait. I feel that Apple will include several of the things on the next iPad that we all wish it had now.

I do feel there will be another new one at the beginning of the year, likely in February or March. It’s not likely we’ll see a different form factor. There’s nothing wrong with the iPad as it is built now. The mold doesn’t need to change.

There has been talk in some of the patent blogs that the doc connector will be on the bottom and one of the sides in the next version. Also, they claim that there WILL be a camera. I believe this. The big push is FaceTime. Most likely we will see a new version of iChat, as well, when the new iPad hits shelves.

What are your thoughts? What would you like to see included on the new iPad?

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